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S&P upgrades MOL‘s long-term credit rating to BBB- investment grade with stable outlook

24.11.2017 | MOL Plc. has been upgraded to BBB- investment grade long-term credit and issuer rating with stable outlook by Standard and Poor’s (“S&P”).

Plastex company has a new fresh website

22.11.2017 | Plastex provides a comprehensive supply of packaging foils and ensures the whole process from the design of the packaging.

Better production planning to meet the deadlines

20.11.2017 | Are you familiar with this? You stand in the morning before asking questions: What do we have to do today? Will we get it? Do we have all the material? Will we need co-operation? Are we equipped enough machines?

Fast and accurate calculation

15.11.2017 | We often hear similar statements in companies: "We have accurate calculations " and "We calculate quickly and flexibly " - But reality is many times different ... Sponsor of Modeling Competition Prize of the Mayor of Nitra 2017

13.11.2017 | Last month, the largest modeling competition in the region, dedicated to plastic and paper modeling, took place in Nitra.

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Current in legislation
Content of PAH in articles and toys

03.07.2017 | The ECHA website is a new call for submission of comments and evidence on the PAH content listed in REACH item 50 of Annex XVII on articles and toys.

The new amendment to Regulation No. 10/2011 (PIM regulation) on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food

31.05.2017 | Commission Regulation No. (EU) 2017/752 amends and corrects the PIM regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with fo ...

Public consultation on the rules of the producer's liability for damage caused by a defective product

10.04.2017 | The European Commission has launched on its website a public consultation on the rules of the producer's liability for damage caused by a defective pr ...

Medical devices - Quality management systems

07.12.2016 | Standard for Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes, in December 2016.

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LANXESS: New thermostabilization system for Durethan-brand polyamides
LANXESS: New thermostabilization system for Durethan-brand polyamides

LANXESS: New thermostabilization system for Durethan-brand polyamides

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has developed a new heat stabilization system called XTS2 (Xtreme Temperature Stabilization) for polyamide 66 variants of Durethan.

Long-term temperature resistance up to 230 °C

  • Heat aging stability equates to heat resistance
  • First product variant with 35 percent glass fibers
  • Blow-moldable polyamide 66 types also in development

This system increases the heat aging durability of the polyamides so much that they reach into the heat deflection temperature range. “Thanks to the new iron-free thermostabilization, our polyamide 66 variants can withstand temperatures of up 230 °C in the long-term. They therefore provide an alternative to costly heat stabilized specialty thermoplastics, such as fully or semi-aromatic polyamides and polyphenylene sulfide,” explains Dr. Thomas Linder, a Durethan material development expert in the High Performance Materials business unit at LANXESS. The first product from the XTS2 product range is a polyamide 66 reinforced with 35 percent glass fibers (by weight), which will be marketed as Durethan AKV35XTS2. There are also plans to offer XTS2 product variants with higher and lower glass fiber contents. A blow-moldable polyamide 66 for turbo charger components of cars that is stabilized with the XTS2 system is also in development.


Tensile Stress at Break (DIN EN ISO 527) after heat aging at various temperatures

Good flow characteristics and high surface quality

Compared to Durethan-brand polyamide 66 variants with the same glass fiber content containing H2.0 thermostabilization, Durethan AKV35XTS2 exhibits better flow characteristics. As Linder points out: “This makes it easier to realize delicate component geometries and thin walls.” Another advantage is the high surface quality, which is even better than similar material grades with XTS1 heat stabilization.

LANXESS extensively tested the high long-term temperature resistance of the new polyamide 66 by conducting hot air aging tests. “Even after 3,000 hours of storage at 230 °C, the reduction in tensile stress at break and elastic modulus is barely measurable, meaning the material maintains its initial strength and stiffness despite the high thermal load,” says Linder. The material was mainly designed for high-tech engine applications that are exposed to unusually high temperatures – such as air intake manifolds with integrated charge air coolers or air pipes located in the vicinity of the turbocharger.

Precisely tailored thermostabilizations

For thermostabilization of Durethan compounds LANXESS already uses miscellaneous additive systems that are tailored to various heat resistance levels, e.g. to those of components under the hood. For example, the established XTS1 and XTS3 systems enable continuous use of Durethan at around 200 °C. Just as H3.0 thermostabilization, XTS3 benefits from a very low metal and halide content. “They are especially suitable for plastic components that come into direct contact with metal components. This is because the metal- and salt-free stabilization helps to prevent contact corrosion,” explains Linder. Typical applications include housing parts, plug connectors and connector strips. By contrast, the XTS1 and, for example, the H2.0 system are intended for black components where contact corrosion is not an issue.

autor: LANXESS Central Eastern Europe s.r.o.
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