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VEEM TRADING, s.r.o. brings the new FIPA product to the Czech and Slovak markets

VEEM TRADING, s.r.o. brings the new FIPA product to the Czech and Slovak markets

VEEM TRADING, s.r.o. deals with the sale of vacuum technology and handling components, pneumatic components, gripping and cutting systems and is the exclusive seller of FIPA brand products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Power grippers GR04.325 and GR04.332 with/without stroke

When demoulding large injection moulded parts, very high forces act and therefore very strong grippers are required. The GR04.325 and GR04.332 series meet this requirement perfectly. Both have the highest gripping forces and are also available with single or double stroke. Optional sensor scans for the gripper position and/or the stroke cylinder position as well as the possibility of attaching different clamping diameters complete the two kits.

» Data sheet: Series 325 with stroke - single-acting

» Data sheet: Series 325 without stroke - single-acting

» Data sheet: Series 332 with stroke - double-acting

» Data sheet: Series 332 without stroke - double-acting

High-temperature Thermalon®-flocked bellows cups - SKT-B1

"Gentle gripping without imprints": The proven Thermalon® vacuum cups without flocking also grip gently and with virtually no marks, but this was not sufficient, especially for high-gloss paint or metallic coatings. The patented Thermalon® vacuum cups are now additionally flocked with PA6.6 (polyamide/nylon) and thus virtually imprint-free. For the highest demands on impression-free gripping.
The contact surface made of a thin PA6.6 flock coating has low static friction, which enables very fast depositing of even light products.

The flock coating can cause leakage, which must be taken into account in the layout of the vacuum source.

» Data sheet: Thermalon®-flocked bellows cups, 1.5 folds

» Data sheet: Thermalon®-flocked bellows cups, 2.5 folds

Bellows vacuum cups SP-B1: Portfolio expansion & changes

The proven series of SP-B1 bellows vacuum cups has been revised in small diameters. Ø 11 and 16 mm were given small optimizations with regard to the bellows and suction lip geometry. An additional intermediate size of Ø 13 mm was added to the series.

Furthermore there has also been an adjustment regarding the material: all three sizes are now available in silicone red 50° Shore A instead of transparent silicone as before. The proven CR black 60° Shore A is still available.

» Data sheet: Bellows vacuum cups SP-B1

» List with cross references

Change to spring levellers SZ-NIV-DA 

From now on there is a new version for the two spring levellers 50.145 and 50.146 with the following changes:

1. The material is now aluminum
2. Modified springs
3. Design improvement with minor dimensional changes: Both items now have a spring travel limiter that prevents spring crushing and premature breakage.

» Data sheet: Spring levellers SZ-NIV-DA

Portfolio expansion for ejector series FMC

The proven multi-chamber ejectors are now also available with a higher vacuum level. For applications that require a high volume flow and a very high vacuum level at the same time, the H series ejectors from the FMC series are now available with a maximum vacuum level of 92 % and up to 1650 Nl/min.

» Data sheet: Ejector series FMC

Ø 200 mm Varioflex®

The proven Varioflex® vacuum cup from FIPA is now also available in Ø 200 mm for the FIPALIFTpro tube lifters. This ensures a higher safety factor and thus can also be used on lifting tube Ø of 120 mm.
The vacuum cup comes with the matching quick-change adapter for the FIPALIFTpro.

» Data sheet

Small, oval bag foot

For handling smaller bags, we now also have a bag foot with the dimensions 300 mm x 150 mm in our standard range. This is manufactured at FIPA in our own 3D printer and thus offers the same weight advantages as its big brother SH.ACC.PRO.0020.
The bag foot is delivered with the matching quick-change adapter for the FIPALIFTpro.
The dimensions of the new bag foot do not fit your application? Contact us, we will be happy to create the right one for you - our 3D printer allows us to react flexibly to your needs.

» Data sheet

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