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  • Telescopic inspection chamber – a new product of Plastika, a.s.

Telescopic inspection chamber – a new product of Plastika, a.s.

  • 20.06.2014

Plastika, a.s. introduces a new product – telescopic inspection chamber

The inspection chamber serves for inspection of the drainage connection or as a confluence of two home connections into one drainage pipeline and for discharge of rain waters from roads and buildings. The chamber consists of chamber bottom, chamber body and  height-adjustable telescop with cast iron cover according to load category.

Teleskopická revízna šachta


  • ideal as inspection and confluence chamber
  • low weight
  • easy instalation
  • good water tightness
  • height-adjustable
  • safe – assured cover
  • modifiable according to customer wish
  • high flexibility and corrosion resistant

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