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Teknor Apex Announces NEW Monprene® TPEs that contain 25-35% recycled content

Teknor Apex Announces NEW Monprene® TPEs that contain 25-35% recycled content

The NEW Monprene® TPEs meeting consumer and regulatory demands for higher levels of recycled content in products. This significant added value helps brands achieve their sustainability goals.

A Sustainable Option for a Variety of Products

The Monprene RX CP-15100 series is available in standard grades from 55 to 80 Shore A, and can also be tailored for a customer’s specific requirements. These grades are designed for injection molding applications, including overmolding onto polypropylene.  These materials perform and processes like prime TPE and are ideal for personal care products, lawn & garden tools, writing instruments, appliances, sporting goods and dunnage. The PCR content is sourced from waste diverted from households, or commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. The use of PCR content contributes toward a circular economy and creates demand for consumer recycling programs. Not only does Monprene RX reduce plastic waste by incorporating it into the compound, but products made from Monprene RX are still fully recyclable at the end of the product's life.

 “Because people and our planet are what matter at Teknor Apex, this specialty TPE is an important part of our sustainability program. We actively look to increase the sustainability of our products, while reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations. Our focus includes improving energy efficiency, reducing water consumption and diverting waste from landfills,” said Jonathan Plisco, New Business Development Manager.


Monprene RX CP-15100 Series TPEs are manufactured according to the standards of ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 in the USA, Singapore and Germany, with strict formulation control and traceability. “This introduction represents the first of several sustainable product launches slated for this year – that include other types of recycled content, bio-based raw materials, and carbon negative additives. We are actively collaborating with various partners in the supply chain, with continued growth in our portfolio,” adds Plisco. 

 * Percentage of Recycled Content = Mass of Recycled Material in Compound / Total Mass of Compound x 100  


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