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telephone:00421 366305850  |  00421 903 725 260

NIP: 36 354 732
VAT: SK2022179896

Company Description

See Trade, s.r.o. is officially authorized representative of TOOL-TEMP CZ for  Slovak Republic, which offers tempering and cooling equipment of TOOL-TEMP brand.

See Trade s.r.o. provides sales of iBiotec's technical products and expert advice related to sales and product application. The extensive range includes professional products for the plastics industry, especially for industrial production and maintenance of mechanisms.

Through iBiotec products we can take into account individual requirements for the plastics industry by providing specialized and multipurpose products:

  • silicone separators and silicone release agents for extrusion and blow molding and blow molding processes registered for the NSF-certified food industry H1
  • anti-corrosion agents for the long-term protection of pressing tools, molds and other manufacturing facilities in the plastics industry
  • industrial lubricants for lubrication of slideways and ejectors, registered for the H1-certified food industry
  • detergents and special detergents for pressing tools and molds, injection units, and other manufacturing plant equipment in the plastics industry
  • high-performance solvents with degreasing effect for mold and mold after molding and molding, registered for the food industry NSF K1
  • assembly anti-seize pastes
  • lubricants for compressed air systems registered for the food industry NSF H1

Product Catalog for plastic industry(SK/EN)

Product Catalog for industrial maintenance (SK)


EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001

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