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telephone:+420 725 537 235

Company Description

Ivo retrofits s.r.o. is engaged in the renovation and reconstruction of injection and compression moulding machines. Because of our independency and flexibility we offer broad spectrum of services for IMMs without any limitations

Specialization on Injection molding machines, rubber machines and compression machines (Plastic, Rubber, Duroplast, 2 platten machines, toggle lever machines, 2/3/4/5 colors, Tandem molding, ...)

Projects in Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, China a Australia »

Range of products / Services

Realized projects»

What we solve (right time for IMM retrofit?)
Control system lifetime at the end – no spare parts available
Expensive machine maintenance – expensive spare parts
Reliability and performance – production often interrupted
New customer requirements – machine expansion
Integration of European controlling on Chinese machines
PDP/SPC measurements – quality control
Network connection – MES systems interface
SpeedPumps - Energy saving servo pumps

The company provides:
replacement of control systems to complete reconstructions of used, old and new injection molds,
application programming and application editing on control systems,
online and offline measurement and data collection, especially in the automotive industry,
design and installation of servo pumps.

What we offer together with Keba retrofit
Keba controllers, extensional modules and servo pumps
Keba application programming
Keba application development of special customer requirements
Switch boards – controller exchange, wiring, renovation (Keba retrofit)
Commisioning on-site including servopumps
Production optimisation
Customer support

Keba systems:    
Keba systems KePlast i1000/i1000 eco
Keba systems KePlast i2000

Renovation and reconstruction of rubber presses »
The rubber and compression machine segment is always very special.
Each production needs specific implementations and functions depends on the machine and tool construction, used operation routines and quality management.
During many successful projects we developed application, which fulfills all requirements and functions, that we registered up to the present day.
We build the customer specific rubber application on this base

Renovation and reconstruction of plastic presses »

Renovation and reconstruction of ENGEL presses »
We provide the new Keba control installations, as well complete reconstructions depends on the customer economical view.
We exchange the control system with new generation controllers, make new switchboard and integrate servo pumps.
We adjust control application according to specific customer requirements and their equipment.

Renovation and reconstruction of HAITAN »


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