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telephone:+420 573 395480

NIP: 25592173
VAT: CZ25592173

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DLplast Company, Ltd. deals with the extrusion of plastic hoses, profiles and processing plastic waste. Currently, we manufacture industrial hoses 20 extruders of PVC materials, EVAC, TPU, PU, PE and NBR.

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ISO 9001

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Garden and industrial hoses

BRAID CLEAR - quality transparent hose reinforced polyester fiber. Manufactured diameters from 6 to 25 mm.
BRAID GREEN - quality transparent color green hose reinforced with polyester fibers. Manufactured diameters from 6 to 25 mm.
BRAID GARDEN - quality garden hose black soul and braided green transparent reinforced polyester fiber. Manufactured diameters from 12.5 to 25 mm.

Hose with steel spiral 

WIRE TPU-Z lightweight polyurethane
WIRE TPU polyurethane mid-R
WIRE TPU polyurethane heavy-H
WIRE plastomer from DEX light at low temperatures
WIRE TERMORESIST polyester for higher temperatures

Polyurethane hose reinforced with PVC spiral 

Polyurethane Hose ester-based spiral of rigid PVC. Perfectly smooth internal surfaces, undulating outer surface. It has a high flexibility and is light. Thanks to the polyurethane has a high resistance to abrasion, weathering and most chemicals.

Overview of flexible hoses with reinforcing spiral of PVC polymer

Tubing without the brace of PVC

Application Type Hose
Transport of food liquids KRYSTAL FOOD
Transportation of petroleum products KRYSTAL FUEL


Plastic strings
installation wedge


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