Linaset a.s.

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telephone:+420 556 317 111

NIP: 47674687
VAT: CZ47674687

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Provoz 01
Bruntál 792 01
telephone: +420 554 255 420
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Zahradní 1965/44b
Bruntál 792 01
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Company Description

The Linaset company has been in business for over 60 years. We are a traditional, fully integrated provider of comprehensive projects for the automotive and other industries. We produce high quality technical moulded components, injection moulds for processing thermoplastics and thermosets and complete structural assemblies, finished products and home appliances.

Reliable product quality is achieved with the support of applied principles of process management, an integrated management system according to standards, advanced statistical methods of quality control, state-of-the-art machinery and a team of motivated professionals.

We increase productivity and reduce costs. We offer products and services always at competitive prices.


EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO IATF 16949, OHSAS 18001

Range of products / Services

We provide the world's largest industrial companies with a complete service, from development through design to the production of various types of moulds. We are able to produce injection moulds up to a weight of 10,000 kg. However, we produce not only moulds, but also mouldings using them. In our operations, we also finally perform assemblies of individual parts up to the state of final products.

Based on requirements submitted we create a 3D design of the mould assembly and perform the FMEA mould design analysis. We use CADMOULD 3D-F software analysis to optimize the inflow system, injection moulding and deformation process. To create project documentation we primarily use state-of-the-art Catia v5 CAD design system as well as Rhinoceros 4.0, Autocad 2006 LT, CadMould 5.0 and ENOVIA DMU 5.2.

An overview of types of moulds produced at Linaset is as follows:
- Actual production of mouldsprototype moulds and moulds for mass production
- moulds for technically complex parts
- moulds for 2K injection
- moulds for parts with inserted components
- moulds for visual parts
- moulds for thermoset parts

We provide customers with a comprehensive manufacturing service. The moulding is optimized based on the client's assignment and design and we create an injection mould for it in our own tool factory. The actual production of mouldings is carried out by injection technology using modern, fully automated injection moulding machines a clamping force from 50 to 600 tons. We finally provide mounting of assemblies or finished products for the produced technical mouldings.

Thermosets are used primarily in the automotive and electronics industries, where they replace metal (usually aluminium) parts. The advantage of BMC and SMC materials is their extraordinary resistance to electrical breakdown, low thermal expansion and dimensional stability.

As with thermoplastics, also in the case of thermoset mouldings, we provide a complete service, from part design through the production of work tools to installation. We process mouldings partly by injection using modern, fully automated presses with a clamping force from 30 to 250 tons, partly by direct pressing and transfer moulding presses with a clamping force from 45 to 200 tons.

Products which pass through our installation centres are assembled using the latest technology and are supervised by qualified professionals. Installation in our approach starts with securing logistical inputs, such as ordering and storage of material, its testing and input checking, over management of subcontractors to the final control associated with complete delivery of the goods.


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