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Premium-quality plastic products with injection molding machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD

Premium-quality plastic products with injection molding machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD

hünersdorff GmbH based in Ludwigsburg, Baden Württemberg/Germany has made a name for itself in Germany and beyond its borders as an absolute top-quality plastics processing specialist. With some 40 injection molding and blow molding machines, it manufactures plastic products to meet all conceivable needs. In injection molding, hünersdorff relies 100% on WITTMANN BATTENFELD.

Today’s hünersdorff GmbH can look back on a long history. The company was founded 185 years ago with the production of household goods and galley equipment made of copper. About 100 years later it was taken over by its present owners, the Schiemann family. It started processing plastics as early as 1940.

Currently, the company employs 125 workers and realizes about 20 million EUR in annual sales. hünersdorff’s main market is Germany, contributing a share of 75 to 80% to the total business volume. Most of the remainder comes from neighboring countries. hünersdorff’s product portfolio is diversified and includes products such as jerry cans and filling systems, bottles and containers, storage bins and assortment boxes, fittings, buckets, storage containers and barrels, scoops, funnels, jugs, cans, graduated oil cans, storage cabinets and shelf boxes, with reserve fuel cans and storage bins being their main product lines. In fuel cans, hünersdorff is the market leader in Europe. The products are delivered mainly to specialist distributors, OEMs and DIY building centers as well. hünersdorff’s success formula is top quality combined with diversity, extremely short delivery times and excellent customer support.

hünersdorff GmbH


hünersdorff relies on WITTMANN BATTENFELD

On the production floor, a total of some 40 machines are in operation, half of which are the blow-molding machines required for making fuel cans, and the other half are injection molding machines. For its injection molding machines, hünersdorff relies 100% on WITTMANN BATTENFELD. The first machines were already delivered during the 1990s. The company’s current machinery outfit consists mainly of toggle machines from the TM series with clamping forces ranging from 40 to 450 tons. In 2013, a machine was installed from the hydraulic HM series with servo drive, an HM 65/210 ServoPower. This model stands out above all by its energy efficiency in operation. “The new HM is really sensational when it comes to power consumption”, says Steffen Rühling, Production Manager at hünersdorff. Energy management is an important issue for the company. Its consistent application of an effective energy management system has been confirmed by successful certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

Most of the larger machines are equipped with BATTENFELD or WITTMANN automation systems. In this way, one person is able to operate 2 to 3 machines, which contributes to streamlining production and stabilizing cycles. Apart from energy efficiency in operation and the possibility to acquire machinery and automation systems from a single source, hünersdorff appreciates WITTMANN BATTENFELD primarily for its good price-performance ratio as well as excellent quality, durability and easy operation of the equipment. Moreover, the machines’ compact design is an important consideration for hünersdorff, since space is a critical factor there. And the machines must be capable of fast setup and mold change. Andreas Schiemann, Managing Partner of hünersdorff GmbH, comments: “We are using up to 30 different molds annually on each machine. This means that we need machines on which changing the setup is possible without losing a lot of time.” Schiemann also expresses satisfaction with the support received from the WITTMANN BATTENFELD sales and service team. “All in all, WITTMANN BATTENFELD’s high quality standards have proved consistent and reliable over many years.”


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