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    • Dry ice cleaning

      Cooperation : Dry ice cleaning

      • 11.05.2020
      • ID: 202011669

      We offer dry ice cleaning - blasting, which is very gentle on sensitive surfaces. The ice pellets evaporate immediately and therefore, for example, water does not remain during cleaning. Residues of impurities such as oil, petroleum substances, lubricants begin to solidify and are easily collected. This technology is ideal for cleaning molds, electrical components and sensitive surfaces. We provide this service in Trenčín.

    • Laser cleaning of metallic materials

      Cooperation : Laser cleaning of metallic materials

      • 16.12.2019
      • ID: 201911022

      We offer a laser cleaning service for metallic materials. Cleaning molds, machines and entire equipment and lines. Non-abrasive surface cleaning. For more info, please visit our website or call 774 774 950. We provide the first presentation and cleaning tests for FREE.

    • Dry ice cleaning

      Cooperation : Dry ice cleaning

      • 24.05.2019
      • ID: 201910123

      We offer partners a dry ice cleaning service. Rental and sale of dry ice blasting technology. Cleaning molds, presses, heat exchangers or filters.

    • Laser cleaning and maintenance

      Cooperation : Laser cleaning and maintenance

      • 03.05.2019
      • ID: 201910051

      Company ZKW Slovakia s.r.o. offers professional cleaning, servicing and small repairs of injection molds MAIN during weekends. Efficient laser cleaning - molds for plastic processing, assembly and measuring devices in our premises, especially suitable for manufacturing companies with increased purity requirements (food, pharmaceutical,…) If you are interested, we will immediately prepare a quotation for you. Contact: Ivan Samela, 0902 939 848,

    • RapidPurge cleaning granules - fast and effective change of color and material

      For Sale : RapidPurge cleaning granules - fast and effective change of color and material

      • 18.02.2019
      • ID: 20199766

      Change Color and Material quickly -- Purging Compounds allow for fast changes in color and material. Cleaning the screw, barrel or hot runners will be finished within a few minutes. "ready-to-use" Purging Compounds available via our B2B platform -- Martin Hrotík | +421 917 634 369 | +420 739 380 299 |

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