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    • Rivolta a.c.s.3

      For Sale : Rivolta a.c.s.3

      • 26.04.2021
      • ID: 202113796

      Cleaning spray that evaporates from the cleaned surface very quickly and without residues. This preparation contains highly effective ingredients that allow the rapid and efficient removal of various contaminants, so it can be used in a large number of cases. The evaporation rate and the applied amount are optimized in such a way as to achieve the most efficient and economical result when applied. Pack .: 750 ml

    • RENOLIN B15 VG46 - hydraulic oil class HLP

      For Sale : RENOLIN B15 VG46 - hydraulic oil class HLP

      • 19.04.2021
      • ID: 202113770

      We offer for sale high-quality hydraulic oil of the HLP class from the German company FUCHS, which is recommended e.g. manufacturer of ARBURG injection molding machines. Packaging: 20L (band), 60L (barrel), 200L (barrel), 1000L (IBC container). In stock in Trenčín.

    • Oils, lubricants, maintenance sprays

      Cooperation : Oils, lubricants, maintenance sprays

      • 15.03.2021
      • ID: 202113533

      We offer cooperation in the field of supply and service of oils, plastic lubricants and sprays for maintenance (lubricating, cleaning, preserving ...).

    • Copper paste up to + 1100 ° C (1kg)

      For Sale : Copper paste up to + 1100 ° C (1kg)

      • 15.03.2021
      • ID: 202113532

      Copper paste from a Spanish manufacturer with a 100-year COGELSA tradition. Suitable for lubrication and protection of metal parts at extreme temperatures, or. in corrosive conditions. The paste prevents the screws and bolts from seizing up to a temperature load of + 1100 ° C. It can be used in the chemical industry, refineries, turbochargers of diesel engines and the like. Personal collection possible in Trenčín or we send cash on delivery (5 €).

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