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    • Granulate dryers for sale

      For Sale : Granulate dryers for sale

      • 19.11.2018
      • ID: 20189470

      We sell dryers with capacity of 54kg/h: Simar KT 150 in operation since 12/2006, Simar KT 150 in operation since 12/1999, Simar KTX 180 in operation since 10/2008. Contact:, tel. 00420-725-719-003

    • Wittmann tempering unit for molds

      For Sale : Wittmann tempering unit for molds

      • 04.10.2018
      • ID: 20189333

      I offer a Wittmann Basic C90 one-ring tempering unit for injection molds, up to 90 ° C. The possibility of switching to media suction mode, When replacing a mold. Price to negotiate.

    • Dryer granulate Arburg

      For Sale : Dryer granulate Arburg

      • 01.10.2018
      • ID: 20189323

      Buy Arburg granulator dryer + Con-Evator vacuum pump, price 55 000 kč, tel .: 732895389

    • robots KUKA KRC 150 and KRC 170

      For Sale : robots KUKA KRC 150 and KRC 170

      • 18.07.2018
      • ID: 20188940

      We sell two KUKA robots designated KRC 150 and KRC 170 fully functional., Price by agreement. Contact me at +420 732 456 422

    • refrigerant unit Moretto, typ RC60A

      For Sale : refrigerant unit Moretto, typ RC60A

      • 18.07.2018
      • ID: 20189026

      Buy Moretto RC60 refrigerant unit. Almost unused, it serves only as a backup. Status as new. Price 250 000, - without VAT.

    • Injection molds on the combs

      For Sale : Injection molds on the combs

      • 06.06.2018
      • ID: 20188875

      We sell the entire production program (injection molds) to produce 15 kinds of combs. info in annex. The highest offer.

    • Dryers for plastics and granulates

      For Sale : Dryers for plastics and granulates

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188773

      Processing of many plastics requires very low moisture materials.

      This requires special equipment such as plastic dryers.

      Our company offers professional dryers for plastics (mobile, storage and central) that allow a final moisture content of 0.02% or less.

      Each dryer of the granulate has a controlled temperature, the standard temperature is 60-140 degrees Celsius, but high temperature dryers for plastics can also be purchased.

      Removing plastic moisture prevents defects. It is important for the plant to have an efficient granulate dryer, because it will make the final products better.

      Dryers for plastic materials we offer are safe and reliable equipment. The available molecular driers are equipped with drying tanks of various capacities.

      The granule dryer may have one or two sieves.

      Our plastic dryers, depending on the model, also allow the connection of several drying tanks.

      As a result, plastics drying becomes even more efficient. In our offer there are plastic dryers that allow for continuous work.

    • Emptying station for octobin and bigbag HELIOS OKTOMAT

      For Sale : Emptying station for octobin and bigbag HELIOS OKTOMAT

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188774

      Emptying station for octobin and bigbag OKTOMAT® German HELIOS series are characterized by simple construction and easy to use.

      With the help of the OKTOMAT® station, we eliminate the need for a forklift truck, you do not have to hang Big-Bag, just bring it to the Big-Bag pallet truck and connect it to the lifting ring.

      OKTOMAT® automatically empties the bag - the material will automatically be lifted by the Big-Bag so the material can be used again.

      A specially designed suction head with vibration system allows you to take almost any material such as granules and powders.

      After emptying the Big Bag, the device signals a deficiency with a warning light. Different sizes of connections allow co-operation with individual feeders and central systems.

      The ECO model is primarily designed for unloading bulk granules.

    • A loss in weight drying system Labotek Gravi-Dryer

      For Sale : A loss in weight drying system Labotek Gravi-Dryer

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188775

      A loss in weight drying system that ONLY uses the energy required for the actual consumption, providing rapid return of investment (ROI) Labotek is manufacturing a wide range of dry air drying systems.

      Our comprehensive range of desiccant drying units is starting from 100 mÂł/h and extends up to 8500 mÂł/h. Drying hoppers are sized from 15 up to 12,000 litres.

      Full tracking record of processed drying data for material- and quality management Preventing over- and underdrying of raw materials ”Ramp up” and ”Ramp down” function Auto emptying of a drying hopper after production Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts.

      Advanced material & energy management, accuracy down to +/- 0.5%.

    • Drying Systems Labotek

      For Sale : Drying Systems Labotek

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188776

      Labotek Energy Saving System (LESS) Designed to achieve energy savings of the drying air that is fed to the drying hopper, as well as providing protection against over drying.

      The current drying temperature can be lowered by an optionally selected number of degrees from the set drying temperature.

      Lowering of the temperature is automatically controlled by the return air temperature at each Drying Hopper DH.

      The LESS system in Labo-Net control operates using relative lowering of drying temperature after reaching the set value.

      Temperature reduction will begin when the material has been dried. Labotek is considered as one of the leading suppliers within drying technology, using only energy saving techno-logies.

      Please consult our staff for more information on Labotek energy calculation program to obtain exact Labotek energy consumption for drying. Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts.

    • Centralised Conveying Systems Labotek

      For Sale : Centralised Conveying Systems Labotek

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188777

      Labotek’s conveying systems are recognized for their high level of durability and performance.

      Our frequency controlled vacuum stations and dust separation technologies reduces energy requirements dramatically.

      Labotek systems are quiet (< 69 dBa), maintenance free and modularly constructed with a number of blowers connected in series that maintains a deep vacuum at low air speeds.

    • Labotek MCBalance: gravimetric high precision dosing

      For Sale : Labotek MCBalance: gravimetric high precision dosing

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188778

      MCBalance: gravimetric high precision dosing The MCBalance* is the highest standard in gravimetric dosing.

      It proves its value on a daily basis in all branches, under all circumstances in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.

      The dosing cylinder and patented weighing technology ensure extremely accurate dosing, even when low dosage rates are required. In this way, high savings on expensive additives can be achieved.

      The continuous loss-in-weight measuring feature and automatic motor speed adjustment are key to a stable production process.

      This guarantees high quality end products and fewer rejects. More

    • Labotek MC volumetric dosing for injection molding and extrusion

      For Sale : Labotek MC volumetric dosing for injection molding and extrusion

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188779

      The MC12 is together with the MC18 and MC30 our showpiece in volumetric dosing.

      The units are installed in factories all over the world and can operate under almost any conditions.

      Depending on the material, the unit can be tailor-made for dosing free-flowing powders, regrinds or normal granulates.

      The units add additive on the basis of volume. The MC12 unit is controlled by rpm setting.

      The dosing cylinder® in combination with the stepper motor ensures maximum control with no stoppages or pulsations.

      The MC12 Economy volumetric in-line dosing unit is the entrance model of all dosing systems for injection molding or extrusion.

      The economically priced dosage system fits perfect for coloring PET, caps and closures, toys, household, automotive, packaging, medical, profiles, pipes, cables, sheets, film and other applications in the plastics processing industry. more

    • Gravimetric Batch Blender TSM OPTIMIX 150

      For Sale : Gravimetric Batch Blender TSM OPTIMIX 150

      • 07.05.2018
      • ID: 20188780

      OPTI-MIX 150 Batch Blender can accommodate up to four material components while providing throughput rates up to 150 kg/hr (330lb/hr).

      OPTI-MIX 150 utilises patented TSM slide valve design and patented reverse-flight auger mixing technology.

      This combination provides superior accuracies, blend ratios and mixing homogeneity that is not achievable by competitive systems.

      All components are blended by weight based on the preset blend ratios on the microprocessor controller. Each component is metered separately into a single weigh hopper, which measures and controls their rate.

    • Hopper loader Labotek

      For Sale : Hopper loader Labotek

      • 30.03.2018
      • ID: 20188616

      The Labotek hopper loader is designed for automatic conveying of free-flowing, granule shaped plastics raw material from bag or container, to the hopper of a processing machine or another hopper.

    • Drying and distribution system SIMAR

      For Sale : Drying and distribution system SIMAR

      • 22.01.2018
      • ID: 20187611

      The device was dismantled at the customer shop in the fully functional condition after end of production. Now it is stored at KUBOUSEK branch (CZ-37004) - inspection possible.
      The price for whole device 15.900,-EUR, EXW.

      Pos Description Pcs
      1 Drying System SIMAR KTX + 12 silos (100 and 200 ltr) (1pc)
      2 Granulate dosing system for drying silos 200 ltr (2pcs)
      3 Separator SIMAR AX2084 (central regulation) (16pc)
      4 Mixing valve MZX 38 (12pcs)
      5 Feeding bin with mixer FM 5 (12 pcs)
      6 Vacuum pump 2,2kW (2pcs)
      7 Vacuum pump 4,5kW (2pcs)
      8 Material transport control unit (1pc)
      9 Connection unit (1pc)
      10 Suction tube (18pcs)
      11 Vacuum pump can (10pcs)
      12 Safety filter (2pcs)

    • Sell industrial cooler MTA

      For Sale : Sell industrial cooler MTA

      • 25.11.2017
      • ID: 20178143

      Prodám průmyslový chladič MTA TAE 101, rok výroby 2003, plně funkční pro chlazení vody v uzavřeném okruhu. Připojení 6/4, objem vody 6 m3 / hod, tlak cca 5 bar.

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