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    • Bugell pallets

      For Sale : Bugell pallets

      • 19.01.2023
      • ID: 202316428

      Bugell pallets for sale
      - wooden pallet + arms.
      - dimensions of the wooden pallet w/d/h
      - 80x120x14 cm
      - height of the metal arm 150 cm (total height of the pallet + arm = 164 cm)
      I offer a total of 318 pieces. Price negotiable.

    • Bugell pallets

      For Sale : Bugell pallets

      • 04.11.2022
      • ID: 202216244

      Bugell pallets for sale. In total, we have 318 pieces in a set (6 pallets + arms) and 80 separate pallets (without arms).

    • Polycarbonate sheets

      For Sale : Polycarbonate sheets

      • 19.08.2021
      • ID: 202114417

      I offer about 500 kg of old cellular polycarbonate sheets. The material was removed from the old skylights. It is necessary to remove the aluminum tape from the edges and, if necessary, clean the boards. Price: for transport (district Prievidza)

    • Plastic boards HPS 1200x390 mm

      For Sale : Plastic boards HPS 1200x390 mm

      • 01.04.2021
      • ID: 202113671

      We offer HPS plastic boards in the size of 1200x390mm suitable for advertising-information boards, as well as for vacuum forming. TL.3 - color white, green, orange, yellow; TL.1,5 - color blue. One-sided glossy surface protected by foil. All for 50% of the price of board material.

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