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telephone:+421 940 785 773

NIP: 53077644

Company Description

Production, installation and sale of plastic cellars, vats, shafts, tanks, swimming pools and other hygienically safe products. Tanks s.r.o. offers a handy and high-quality range of products that are used in family, apartment houses or recreational areas with regard to high environmental standards.

All products are made of certified plastic, which is suitable for contact with drinking water. Because of this, the products are fully safe and recyclable.

Range of products / Services


Do you not have a basement house and are you looking for an ideal space for storing tools or food, for example? Plastic cellars are an excellent alternative and a great storage space. In addition to storage, they offer another range of varied uses. They are a suitable solution for a home wine bar, or a great space for a quiet study, or another place isolated from the surrounding noise. We make plastic cellars round, square, or we are the only ones to offer round ones. In addition to round dimensions, they meet customer requirements. We are the only one to use a unique method of reinforcements that can withstand the pressure in the ground without the need for concreting.


Bathing tubs and barrels made to measure in various dimensions, whether circular or square. Enrich your home or garden with a bath tub, which is characterized by quality and longevity. The heating can be a built-in hardwood oven or an oven outside the tub. Based on requirements, we make vats with built-in electric heating, bubbling, backlighting, insulation, filtration. Get an enjoyment of exceptional material quality created exactly according to your most demanding ideas.


We manufacture manholes to measure according to requirements, whether circular or square shape of various dimensions. They are mainly used as water meters or wells, to which we give transfers to supply pipes on request. In the case of well shafts, we weld boards to hold the components, or we ensure their ventilation. If necessary, we also offer tailor-made adjustments to the shafts.

Technological shafts

Technological shafts are mainly used to place pool accessories or irrigation systems. They excel in their durability and tightness, thanks to which they ensure a more durable service life of pool technologies and safe storage of the necessary accessories. Technological shafts are made to measure based on the extent of their use.


We custom-make tanks located in the ground or on the surface. We specialize in collection tanks suitable for rainwater, or for use in car washes, for example. We also offer tanks for drinking water, for example.


Take advantage of our wide range of garden pools created exactly according to your requirements. Plastic pools are the ideal solution if you want to have a quality, long-lasting pool at home at a friendly price. Many years of experience predestine us to the production of quality and durable pools made exactly according to your ideas. The pools are manufactured using modern technology, while they are characterized by durability and high durability.


According to your tailor-made requirements, we will create products such as: poles, chicken coops, animal huts, flower pots, sandpits, gutters for automatic washbasins, garden showers, pool waterfalls, flower baths, components for beehives and much more.


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