PEARTEC s.r.o.

Krašovská 2265/7, 323 00 Plzeň    Show on Map

telephone:+420 371 120 630

NIP: 28050932
VAT: CZ28050932

Company Description

PEARTEC is a development and manufacturing company, providing its products and services to the automotive and engineering industries. 

Range of products / Services

The basic scope of activities:


  • Construction parts and molds
  • Production and supply of injection molding tools
  • Small-lot deliveries of plastic parts and assembled units
  • External supervision and oversight in the production of injection molding tools


  • FEM simulation
  • Development and production of equipment for induction heating
  • Manufacture and repair of inductors


History of experience in the design and manufacture of plastic parts dating back to 2001. These lessons learned are applied mainly in the specialty automotive and other industrial applications.
Production of injection molding tools with proven Asian partners with personal supervision and coordination of these activities at the factory:

  • Small-and medium series production of plastic parts in Asia and Europe
  • Machining plastic components in order to achieve specific propertiesProviding electronic components and parts
  • Assembly of plastic parts and other electronic components
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • Project management


Development and design of plastic parts and molds

  • Development and design of plastic parts
  • Elekotromechanických Development Report
  • Construction of molds
  • Complete project to ensure

Physical and mathematical analytics

  • Analytical calculations
  • energy calculations
  • The development of computational software
  • Induction and inductive heating

Portfolio activities:

  • The development of induction heating
  • Supplies of workplaces for induction heatiinh
  • Implementation of control measures and servicing existing inductive devices
  • Custom manufacture of inductors based on calculations
  • The actual production of shielding the side effects of inducers ( elimination of undesirable thermal effects on surrounding material )
  • Optimizing the efficiency of induction processes
  • Shielding adverse effects of RF fields on the human body

More on


Plastics processing:

Our company is engaged in purchase of production residues and secondary processing. In particular, the gating system , nonconforming parts and residual granules. With this approach we bring economic benefits to the customer instead of spending on paid services.


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