Messer Tatragas spol. s.r.o.

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telephone:+421/2/502 54 111

NIP: 00685852
VAT: SK2020293220

Company Description

Messer Tatragas, spol. s.r.o. is the largest producer and supplier of technical gases in Slovakia and operates in all industries.

Before a supply contract between you and Messer has been established, our experts are happy to advise you in order to provide the best possible solution. If you wish, Messer can carry out a comprehensive process analysis on site, including its own measurements, and develop recommendations for optimising your process.


• Our specialists have excellent knowledge of our customers` common production processes
• Our specialists are constantly involved in development activities and aware of market trends
• We cooperate with universities and institutes
• We offer the possibility of carrying out measurements directly in the production process
• When conducting trials and process optimisation, our experts work closely together with you our customer.  


Just like every production plant, every trial concept is unique. Messer does not merely offer ready-made standard procedures, but looks for tailor-made solutions. For this purpose, firstly all relevant data and process settings are discussed with the customer and a system analysis carried out. Here, not only technical aspects but also commercial aspects, such as costs for gas and equipment rental and possible improvements in productivity and savings in production costs are taken into account. The evaluation of the collected data and calculations flows into a proposal for trials with sound objectives, which are agreed with the customer.

When carrying out industrial trials we support you  

• in setting up an appropriate tank supply
• with a suitable dosing unit from our equipment pool
• with the design and construction of an optimal feed system
• with other hardware necessary for the application 

Range of products / Services

Technical gases

A wide range of technical gases in different states and in different purity.

Welding and cutting gases

A wide range of different mixtures of shielding gases for individual welding methods as well as the type of welded base material.

Special gases

A wide range of above-standard products - from liquid helium, through a wide range of pure gases and gas mixtures to mixtures based on individual customer requirements. Messer supplies a wide range of special gases from pressure vessels to 300 bar bundles.

Medical gases

Services from consulting in the supply of medical gases and gases as medical devices to the planning, installation and servicing of gas storage and supply facilities, ie a complete package of services from a single supplier.

Gases for the food industry

The production and distribution of gases of Messer Tatragas, s.r.o., meets the quality requirements for technical gases in food applications, use in the food industry in accordance with EU Directive 178/2002, the Food Code of the Slovak Republic, HACCP principles and FSSC 22000.


Propane and propane-butane in bottles of various types and sizes or in liquid form in containers as part of technological processes.

Dry ice

Dry ice CO2 (E 290) is a refrigerant with a high cooling potential, as it has a temperature of -78.5°C and a cooling capacity of 645 KJ/kg.


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