KURUC Company spol. s r. o.

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telephone:00421 35 650 80 30

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Nitrianska 59
Šurany 94201
telephone: 00421 35 650 80 30
web: kuruc@kuruc.sk

Company Description

Kuruc - Company deals with the sale and development of technology for waste recovery. Through the technology from our own workshop, the company's operation has been evaluating secondary raw materials and waste for more than 25 years.

Materials such as EPDM, VKM, PUR and others are recycled. The result of evaluation, resp. recycling is a full-fledged construction product - Tetra K board, PUR panel or sound-insulating tape.

Other activities of the company include metal production, road transport6 and the production of suction cartons.

Range of products / Services

Recycling technologies

Sound insulation strip

TETRA K boards

Produced types of boards:

  • standard board TETRA K
  • anti - noise board TETRA K
  • fire protection board TETRA K
  • base plate TETRA K

The surface of the boards can be modified according to customer requirements - colored paper, washable surface, furniture surfaces, etc.


SONO board TETRA K is an acoustic-absorbing material for areas where noise is increased. The board achieves excellent sound insulation properties. As a result, it is used in areas where other materials are not suitable or are very expensive. For many people, peace is an extremely important criterion for well-being. The noise intensity achieved by the TETRA K anti-noise board is 32.4dB.

PUR panels

The TETRA K panel can be used for all types of constructions, where common TETRA K boards are also used. The most suitable constructions are partitions and suspended walls. The advantages offered by the TETRA K panel during construction are:

  • Dry processes are used in the assembly of the TETRA K panel, which significantly shortens the construction time and the final surface treatment of the panel.
  • The TETRA K panel can be moved and modified very quickly and with little effort.
  • With a panel thickness of 12 cm, the panel partition can audibly separate two rooms in the same way as a 20 cm brick partition. This makes it possible to achieve larger interior spaces for rooms.
  • The weight of the completely assembled partition is four times lower than the weight of the masonry.
  • The smooth surface of the TETRA K panel is suitable for any finish.
  • Compared to a masonry partition, it is possible to save up to one third of the costs with a TETRA K panel partition.

Standard TETRA K board

It is produced without the addition of any adhesives or other materials. By adding additives, the board can match its properties with several times more expensive products. Standard board features:

  • used as an ecological substitute,
  • is environmentally friendly,
  • it is easy to handle,
  • characterized as a recyclable material,
  • treated against fungi and pests,
  • water resistant,
  • without the addition of any chemicals.

TETRA K base plate

TETRA K base plate is mainly used where there is a requirement for higher quality of workmanship and strength. The surface of the board is usually finished.

The main advantages offered by the base plate are:

  • flexural strength,
  • excellent thermal insulation,
  • excellent sound insulation,
  • multifunctionality,
  • fire resistance,
  • water resistance.

PACKAGING - carton


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