K&K Recykling System Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Szczepanowska 47, 32800 Brzesko    Show on Map

telephone:+ 48 14 68 495 10

NIP: 8691996896

Company Description

K&K Recykling System Sp. z o.o.  is a leading manufacturer of high-end plastics recycling machines and processing lines.  The company effectively meets the expectations of recyclers in terms of increased productivity and reduced energy consumption by offering innovative and customised solutions for the recycling industry. The machines are tested on challenging and heavily soiled materials, so you can be absolutely sure that they will prove their value over many years of intense service.

The range includes:  : innovative models of dynamic washers, sink float separation tanks, belt feeders, screw feeders, grit chambers and vibrating screens. The solutions offered are dedicated to both foil flakes and hard plastics.

The company also offers a wide range of products and services, including the production of high-quality LDPE regranulates as well as regranulation, washing and regranulation services of the entrusted material.

Range of products / Services

  • LDPE regranulate

  • Regranulation services 

  • Washing and regranulation services

  • Machines and lines for plastics recycling

  • Dynamic Washers

  • Sink Float Tanks

  • Grit chambers

  • Non-invasive screen cleaning service (after regranulation; laser filtration)

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