ICS ice cleaning systems s.r.o.

Robotnícka 2192, 01701 Považská Bystrica    Show on Map

telephone:+421 (0)42 4261 135

NIP: 45570370
VAT: SK2023046278

Company Description

ICS ice cleaning systems s.r.o. implements the development, production, sale and service of machines and equipment for dry ice blasting and dry ice production.

The company places great emphasis on the constant development of new systems, innovation and improvement of the technology used and its adaptation to specific needs. It produces cleaning systems of the highest quality with application in production, maintenance and service operations in almost all branches of industry.

ICS premises have a design and development department focused on the development and production of new systems, a machine park equipped with modern CNC technologies, production and assembly workplaces with qualified personnel, a workplace for performing all necessary tests, trials and output control.

The network of our representations and their activities is constantly expanding in order to best satisfy the needs of our customers. We provide warranty and post-warranty service, professional training, sale of dry ice or rental of replacement equipment. Our stocks guarantee short delivery times for machines and accessories. ICS operates internationally, a wide network of sales and service partners will always perfectly ensure your requirements.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Dry ice blasting machines

- IC 020
- IC 022, IC 022 PLUS
- IC 110 E, IC 100E PLUS
- IC 310, IC 310 PLUS
- IC 310 S, IC 310 S PLUS

Dry ice making machines

- Hydraulic pelletizer in a compact design - ICE Peletizer IP 100-H


- For dry ice blasting machines

- For dry ice machines

- Other accessories

Dry ice

- Dry ice 16mm nuggets

- Dry ice 1.5 mm micropellets

- Dry ice 3 mm pellets

Areas of application

- Engineering industry (cleaning of machines, molds, lines)

- Automotive industry (cleaning of conveyors, aggregates, robots, etc.)

- Woodworking Industry

- Food industry

- Rubber industry

- Printing / Paper industry

- Shipbuilding, etc.


- Production of dry ice

- Installment sale

- Rental of machinery

- Training

- Service

- Presentation


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