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telephone:48 603 491 998

NIP: 6922046982

  • Izabella Bukała, 48 603 491 998,
  • Michał Perlicjant, 48 603 490 103

Company Description

P-Laser Polska is engaged in the removal of highly resistant PVD coating, surface polishing and non-abrasive cleaning technologies for machines and equipment.

P-Laser Polska is a distributor of a Belgian manufacturer of laser systems designed mainly for cleaning, degreasing, removing coatings, preparing surface coatings, etc.

P-Laser is constantly looking for new solutions of surface preparation of tools, components, and molds.

Range of products / Services

Low-performance lasers

  • suitable for manual cleaning
  • air coolingadjustable, patented 2D cleaning optics

High performance lasers

  • suitable for manual cleaning
  • integrated water cooling
  • adjustable, patented 2D cleaning optics

Cylinder Cleaning System

  • non-abrasive technology
  • integrated cleaning system
  • high cleaning precision
  • increased print quality and efficiency

Automobile industry
It is an industry that uses many technologies and technological processes (pressing, cutting, casting aluminum, injection molding, welding, punching, etc.). In many of these applications, laser technology may be used for cleaning, which is:

  • without contact
  • non-abrasive,
  • laser cleaning is associated with extremely low labor costs,
  • the ventilation system collects dust, while the work area is completely clean

Injection molds

Compared to standard methods, laser mold cleaning is the best solution thanks to non-contact cleaning and negligible cost. Our lasers are used in the food, glass, rubber and plastic industries. Forms can be cleaned by sanding or chemical solvents, a time-consuming process that can damage these expensive devices. With a laser device, it is possible to adjust the laser beam directly to the form, making it easier to work and eliminating the need to dismantle the molds from the production line, and extends the life of the cleaned surface

Cleaning the weld before and after the operation brings tremendous advantages over the quality of the connect. Laser removes oxidized layers. This method is completely waste-free, leading to minimal operating costs.

Food industry
Thanks to the laser cleaning system, baking sheets can be cleaned. The contact-free cleaning system greatly improves the quality and quantity of production.

Preservation of monuments
Laser cleaning provides satisfactory maintenance results stone. Laser cleaning has many advantages:

  • the diameter of the laser beam can be adjusted so you can clean areas of different shapes and sizes
  • there is no physical contact between the cleaned object and the laser device.
  • lasers are suitable for removing dirt from stone objects
  • they have been used to protect monuments since the 1970s

Laser cleaning can be used for:

  • preparing the surface before welding
  • selective removal of coatings
  • removal of oxides / rust
  • removal of bacteria
  • degreasing


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