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  • LakoPlast s.r.o

    LakoPlast s.r.o

    Injection molding of plastics, metalworking, repairs and modifications of molds and products, tool shop services, assembly of plastic parts. Powder...

  • LPH a.s.

    LPH a.s.

    Technical and aesthetic moldings made of thermoplastics, production of injection molds for thermoplastics, surface treatment of parts, realization of...

  • MCE Slovakia s.r.o.

    MCE Slovakia s.r.o.

    Engineering production, shaped inserts and forms part of the 5 axis CNC milling

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    • MEPAC SK, s.r.o.

      MEPAC SK, s.r.o.

      Repair tools and forms laser surfacing, finishing and polishing to mirror gloss, delivery tools, including special beryllium bronze, hardened sheets.

    • Nástrojárna ASN HAKR BRNO s.r.o.

      Nástrojárna ASN HAKR BRNO s.r.o.

      Molds for plastic injection, molding Al, Zn, plastic molding,

    • ONIVON a.s.

      ONIVON a.s.

      Complex solution for the production of injection molding / casting molds

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      • PERNOUD MOLD CE, s.r.o.

        PERNOUD MOLD CE, s.r.o.

        Tuning, modifications and repair of molds

      • ProtoFinal s.r.o.

        ProtoFinal s.r.o.

        Plastics pressing, production of plastic products, 3D printing.

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        • PROVING, spol. s r.o

          PROVING, spol. s r.o

          Development and manufacture of molds, plastic molding products

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          • RB.kov s.r.o.

            RB.kov s.r.o.

            Production and grinding of industrial knives. Shredding plastics.

            • Nám. Sv. Štefana 8, Tvrdošovce
          • SELOS, s.r.o.

            SELOS, s.r.o.

            We are leaders in the field of magnetic products for industry in the Slovak market. We are dedicated to industrial solutions, especially in the...

          • Šlechta a.s.

            Šlechta a.s.

            High gloss and technical polishing, laser welding and engraving, service and repairs of moulds.

          • Trend Rejlek, s.r.o.

            Trend Rejlek, s.r.o.

            We specialize in stamping and assembly of sheet metal and plastic parts for the automotive and electronics sectors.

          • VKV HORÁK s.r.o.

            VKV HORÁK s.r.o.

            Design, the production of prototypes, mechanical components or instrumentation setups and the production of tools, devices, forming forms and...

          • Zenit SK, s.r.o.

            Zenit SK, s.r.o.

            Distribution of polyvarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets. Bending and polishing  tools.

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