Carl Zeiss Slovakia, s.r.o.

Račianska 12481/77/A, 831 02 Bratislava 3    Show on Map

telephone:+421 25 56 46 781

NIP: 46095969
VAT: SK2023226777

other addresses:
Carl Zeiss spol. s r.o.    Show on Map
Radlická 14/3201
Praha 5 150 00
telephone: +420 221 990 496
ZEISS Metrologické centrum    Show on Map
Botanická 49
Trnava 917 01
telephone: +421 25 56 46 781
fax: +421 25 56 46 783

Company Description

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology company in the field of optics and optoelectronics. The group has evolved from a workshop with fine mechanics and optics. Was founded by the founder of Carl Zeiss in Jena (Thuringia) in 1846. Since then, the company has undergone long-standing and positive changes. ZEISS Group today develops and distributes semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measurement technology, microscopes, medical technology, spectacle lenses, lenses for cameras and cameras, binoculars, and observer technology. Company solutions continuously advance the world of optics and help shape technological progress.



We are a partner wherever it is necessary to develop, construct, create, measure, test, produce. With 3D technology, we make things different, efficient, cost-effective and accurate.


EN ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001

Assortment / Services

Division of Industrial Metrology-  product line


  • Bridge-type CMMs: Scanning technology as an indispensable feature of measuring sensors. Bridge machines from ZEISS with VAST and navigation technology guarantee high stability and accuracy

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  • Production CMMs: Machinery for production: Measuring machines suitable for measurement directly in production are designed for the most favorable production conditions and provide high accuracy at all times. Carl Zeiss measuring machines use scanning technology to ensure high precision and repeatability of measurements. The massive construction makes them suitable for use directly in production.

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  • Horizontal Arm CMMs:  They cover a wide range of applications. Ideal for measurement from input control, measurement in production to process control. They are suitable for measuring the parts, sheet metal parts, individual components of the bodywork to a complete bodywork.

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  • Our products for mid-sized and large parts : ZEISS Bridge-type measuring machines are excellent solutions for measuring large parts. High precision is also guaranteed thanks to scanning technology.

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  • Optical and multisensor systems:  Micro and optical measuring machines. Miniaturized components are increasingly used as components of automobiles, medical devices, and are also critical for highly accurate control and regulatory processes. The reliability of these parts is crucial to the accuracy with which quality control ensures their functionality.

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  • Optical 3D scanners  Mobile optical 3D scanners offer fast and flexible 3D digitization in the automotive industry, plastics, casting and others for dimensional control, reverse engineering, as well as archiving.

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  • Computer Tomography:  Linking metrology and tomography brings unprecedented measurement options to date. Where only control or quality control so far has been possible, it is now possible to carry out highly accurate non-destructive measurements.

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  • Shape and roughness variations: ZEISS offers a complete product line for contour, roughness, and workpiece shaping measuring. From small Handysurf gauges to large system devices. Our measuring instruments allow you to accurately measure shape, contours and surface.




  • Software: ZEISS's measurement, evaluation software and data management software enables you to increase the transparency of your data and the productivity of your measuring operations. The basic software also includes a statistical module for analyzing, evaluating and calculating measured data with the database on the measured data.

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  • ZEISS systems are designed for an all in one system and by using Zeiss accessories you are maximizing your machines performance. We offer fixturing systems, styli & accessories, and system-specific options.

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  • Customer Support
  • System Support
  • Training
  • Measuring Services
  • Project Support
  • Accessories

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ZEISS Metrology Center - Metrological services, training, commercial measurement

ZEISS Metrology Center is an accredited testing laboratory in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025: 2005. On an area of more than 300 m2, it offers a wide range of technology from the portfolio of the Industrial Metrology Division.

In addition to the systems available directly at our laboratory in Trnava, it provides measurements using almost all available ZEISS technologies (tactile, optics, laser, RTG, 2D contour, roughness, 3D scanning) including CT tomography on METROTOM 1500 and METROTOM 800 CT. The center offers software training courses, provides metrology support and process quality control directly to customers and, in addition, is the exclusive provider of certified AUKOM training.
One of the best equipped commercial measuring centers in the Slovak and Czech Republic for custom programming and measurement offers:

  • Preparation off-line measuring programs or on-site customer support
  • Accredited 3D measurements with a certified test report
  • CT scanning / measurement (dimensional analysis, defectoscopy, material porosity, wall thickness analysis)
  • Gear measurement (straight, conical, worm, milling)
  • 3D non-contact scanning (including measurement directly at the customer)
  • Reverse engineering and 3D surface digitization

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  • ZEISS Metrological Center Trnava

    ZEISS Metrological Center Trnava

    • 23.08.2017

    Carl Zeiss Slovakia, s.r.o. the Industrial Measurement Division, alongside the products of the parent company Carl Zeiss IMT, offers training and customized measurements made at ZEISS Metrological Center TRNAVA. On an area of more than 300 m2, it offers a wide range of technology from the portfolio...

  • O-INSPECT from Carl Zeiss checks cosmetic pencils in company Schwan Cosmetics

    O-INSPECT from Carl Zeiss checks cosmetic pencils in company Schwan Cosmetics

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    Cosmetic products are popular since the times of the ancient Egyptians. Packaging often very valuable substances must provide protection and also be visually...

  • ZEISS COMET L3D 2 – 3D scanner with blue light

    ZEISS COMET L3D 2 – 3D scanner with blue light

    • 26.09.2016

    ZEISS represents the newest member of the family of compact 3D sensors designed for easy and fast measurement Zeiss COMET L3D...

  • METROTOM - Measuring Technology of the Future from Carl Zeiss

    METROTOM - Measuring Technology of the Future from Carl Zeiss

    • 17.08.2016

    METROTOM® from Carl Zeiss – the door to measuring technology of the future. Place your workpiece in the measuring cabin, and start the scanning process. An in-depth quality analysis is available almost right...



    • 02.07.2015

    ZEISS XENOS is at home wherever maximum precision is demanded – in the measuring labs of research institutes, the aerospace industry and the optical industry. The high-end machine combines precision at the limits of what is technically feasible with a measuring range of nearly one cubic...

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