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  • JELÍNEK-TRADING spol.s r.o.

    JELÍNEK-TRADING spol.s r.o.

    Plastic waste recycling, Compounding, Purchase and sale of primary and secondary plastics, Manufacture of LDPE bags, Manufacture of injection moulded...

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  • BRISK, výrobní družstvo, Ježov u Kyjova

    BRISK, výrobní družstvo, Ježov u Kyjova

    Production of plastic packaging, production of PET bottles, plastic bottles, production of plastic containers, packaging of paper and cardboard

  • COBA Automotive s.r.o.

    COBA Automotive s.r.o.

    We design, develop, manufacture and deliver quality extrusions, automotive, health, shield technique as well as TPE seals and...

  • DLplast, s.r.o.

    DLplast, s.r.o.

    Production of hoses, PVC Blend and granules, processiong plastic waste.

  • DOMITRI, spol.s r.o.

    DOMITRI, spol.s r.o.

    Plastic recycling. Film blowing. Production of plastic bags and sacks.

  • DREVO SV, s.r.o.

    DREVO SV, s.r.o.

    DREVO SV, Ltd. Snina focuses on the production and sale of flexible plastic film for packaging purposes.

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    • endolumi s.r.o.

      endolumi s.r.o.

      We offer development and production profiles and tubing made of PVC, PE, PP, and TPU.

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      • Ensinger s.r.o.

        Ensinger s.r.o.

        Production and sales of engineering plastics. Plastic semi-finished products: bars, tubes and plates. Blasting and CNC machining.

      • ERA-PACK-PLUS spol. s r.o.

        ERA-PACK-PLUS spol. s r.o.

        High Quality Wrapping for Acceptable Price including Transport. Wrapping Machines with Accessories, Vertical and Horizontal, RobotsPackaging...

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        • Extruindustrie CR s.r.o.

          Extruindustrie CR s.r.o.

          International company in extrusion processing.

        • FOLPLAST Kolárovo

          FOLPLAST Kolárovo

          Manufacture of bags, printed bags, and bags in different sizes, any colour, plain or printed. Graphic design and printing.

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          • FRAGOLA Ján Pčola

            FRAGOLA Ján Pčola

            Production and processing of HDPE and LDPE film, film printing, waste film recycling  

          • HORZ spol. s r.o.

            HORZ spol. s r.o.

            Plastic parts injection technology, design and construction of molds for plastic injection molding, assembly, stamping final molding.

          • INTROPLAST, a.s.

            INTROPLAST, a.s.

            The main products are plastic components for lighting, LED TVs and the automotive industry.

          • KAPIT s.r.o.

            KAPIT s.r.o.

            PP-Polypropylene fibers and PET fibers, smooth or corrugated. Using the production of brushes, brooms, sweepers and other industrial purposes.

          • KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

            KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

            Blow moulding plastics - production of pipes, tanks and containers, special components of various sizes.

          • LAURIS R.M. s.r.o.

            LAURIS R.M. s.r.o.

            Production and sales of packaging materials such as: corrugated cardboard, bubble foilm to a width of 2 m /, stretch film, adhesive and binding...

          • MAJK s.r.o.

            MAJK s.r.o.

            Producer and distributor of rubber, PVC and TPU gaskets and various plastic profiles.

          • MAT- obaly, s.r.o.

            MAT- obaly, s.r.o.

            Packaging materials, bags, film, bags, plastic dishes, adhesive tapes, bags

          • MATEICIUC a. s.

            MATEICIUC a. s.

            We produce plastic cable protectors (protective tubes), microtubes and flexible plastic ducts, bundles of MULTIDUCT system, soft PVC tubing, small...

          • Mateja Plasty, s.r.o.

            Mateja Plasty, s.r.o.

            Processing of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics using injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.

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