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  • AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

    AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

    Producer of plastic pools, reservoirs, roofing of the pools, boats.

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    • Array plast

      Array plast

      Plastic rods, plates, pipes, beams, profiles. Production according to specifications.

    • BB AQEX s.r.o.

      BB AQEX s.r.o.

      Sewage treatment plants, pools, oil and grease traps, plastic atypical.

    • BLECHA CZ s.r.o.

      BLECHA CZ s.r.o.

      We import accessories for suction conveyors, piping and fastening systems for central material transport.

    • COBA Automotive s.r.o.

      COBA Automotive s.r.o.

      We design, develop, manufacture and deliver quality extrusions, automotive, health, shield technique as well as TPE seals and...

    • COMPUPLAST s.r.o.

      COMPUPLAST s.r.o.

      More than 40 years experience in the design lines and instruments in the field of plastics extrusion.

    • CZ PLAST s.r.o.

      CZ PLAST s.r.o.

      Rotary molding plastics, comprehensive services for the supply of plastic parts produced by rotational molding technology, sewer manholes, water...

    • DLplast, s.r.o.

      DLplast, s.r.o.

      Production of hoses, PVC Blend and granules, processiong plastic waste.

    • endolumi s.r.o.

      endolumi s.r.o.

      We offer development and production profiles and tubing made of PVC, PE, PP, and TPU.

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      • ERIKS s.r.o.

        ERIKS s.r.o.

        Technical Indistrial Distribution – Leading European Distributor More info: a

      • Extruindustrie CR s.r.o.

        Extruindustrie CR s.r.o.

        International company in extrusion processing.

      • FORT - PLASTY s.r.o.

        FORT - PLASTY s.r.o.

        The company manufactures airconditioning conduits made of PVC, PP, PPs, HD-PE, PE-EL, PPsEL tanks, storage reservoirs and atypical products.

      • GMS Velkoobchod, s. r. o.

        GMS Velkoobchod, s. r. o.

        GMS is a distributor of hoses of all types and diameters, rubber floor

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        • GREEN PLANET Investment s.r.o.

          GREEN PLANET Investment s.r.o.

          Plastic waste recykling. Production of Plastic pallets, transport boxes, Plastic grassing paving, bioplastic packaging.

        • Kowa, spol. s r.o.

          Kowa, spol. s r.o.

          Plastic water treatment plant, plastic pipe, fittings and valves, chemical pumps, pool filters and accessories, air-conditioning. pipes and fittings

        • KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

          KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

          Blow moulding plastics - production of pipes, tanks and containers, special components of various sizes.

        • MATEICIUC a. s.

          MATEICIUC a. s.

          We produce plastic cable protectors (protective tubes), microtubes and flexible plastic ducts, bundles of MULTIDUCT system, soft PVC tubing, small...

        • MEGAT - výroba z plastů Zlín spol. s r. o.

          MEGAT - výroba z plastů Zlín spol. s r. o.

          Plastic profiles and plastic tubes for various purposes, furniture plastic profiles, plastic molding, plastic edge, plastic cover plates, swimming...

        • ONIVON a.s.

          ONIVON a.s.

          Complex solution for the production of injection molding / casting molds

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          • P-ečko s.r.o.

            P-ečko s.r.o.

            Plastics, insulating materials, rubber

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            • PARZLICH s.r.o.

              PARZLICH s.r.o.

              Production of extruded tubes and profiles of polymeric materials.

            • PLASTKON, s.r.o.

              PLASTKON, s.r.o.

              Manufacture and installation of ventilation equipment and components of plastics, galvanic equipment and laboratory furniture of plastics.

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              • Remaplast s.r.o.

                Remaplast s.r.o.

                Technical rubber and plastics products - wholesale.

              • Remapol s.r.o.

                Remapol s.r.o.

                Producer and seller of packing and insulating material, rubber and MPVC, constructional plastics, enginnering and heavy-duty plastics.

              • Simona Plast-Technik s.r.o.

                Simona Plast-Technik s.r.o.

                SIMONA offers the widest range of thermoplastic semi-finished parts worldwide.

              • SLOVARM, a.s.

                SLOVARM, a.s.

                Production of components for plastic piping system "SLOVPLAST" for internal distribution of drinking water and hot water, central and underfloor...

              • SPUR a.s.

                SPUR a.s.

                Manufactures specialized plastic products, piping systems, cable ducts, insulating materials of polyethylene foam, packaging materials, bubble wrap,...

              • SYMtech s.r.o

                SYMtech s.r.o

                PTFE products, PTFE Lining Products.

              • Termoplast - Ing. Jozef Stanko

                Termoplast - Ing. Jozef Stanko

                Small family-run company produces small plastic products manufactured under orders.

              • TOMIRTECH, s.r.o.

                TOMIRTECH, s.r.o.

                Distribution of technical products,components for machinery, engineering plastics, hoses, seals

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