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  • LAMINEX s.r.o.

    LAMINEX s.r.o.

    Production of fiberglass products, vacuum - foaming system based on unsaturated polyester resin. According to customer product models form the final...

  • Mepla s.r.o.

    Mepla s.r.o.

    Czech Producer of plastic extruded boards PVC-H (hardened polyvinyl chloride), PP-H (hardened polypropylen), PE-HD (hardened polyethylene).

  • Norem Trade s.r.o

    Norem Trade s.r.o

    Sale and distribution of a Teflon film glassnonstick.

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    • NOVAVIA, s.r.o.

      NOVAVIA, s.r.o.

      Manufacture of fiberglass and carbon fiber products.

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      • Nylus SK, s.r.o.

        Nylus SK, s.r.o.

        We offer a wide range of commodity plastics (polyolefins), engineering plastics, additives, color concentrates from the world's leading manufacturers.

      • P-ečko s.r.o.

        P-ečko s.r.o.

        Plastics, insulating materials, rubber

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        • Plast partner spol. s r.o.

          Plast partner spol. s r.o.

          Engineering Plastics - Supplier

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          • PLASTIC PORT

            PLASTIC PORT

            We deal with sales of technical plastics and PVC products.

          • PLASTIMPEX s.r.o.

            PLASTIMPEX s.r.o.

            Sale and distribution of original plastic granules, mainly for technical engineering applications.

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            • PortaTherm s.r.o.

              PortaTherm s.r.o.

              Manufacture, supply and installation of PVC louvers, swinging doors

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              • Puruplast, a.s.

                Puruplast, a.s.

                Collection and recycling of plastics, manufacture and sale of plastic materials and products: tiles, bricks, composters, granulate, agglomerate,...

              • PWTT Poľsko

                PWTT Poľsko

                We buy variuos plastics: waste material, regrind, granules.

              • Remaplast s.r.o.

                Remaplast s.r.o.

                Technical rubber and plastics products - wholesale.

              • Remapol s.r.o.

                Remapol s.r.o.

                Producer and seller of packing and insulating material, rubber and MPVC, constructional plastics, enginnering and heavy-duty plastics.

              • SLAVBIZ, s.r.o.

                SLAVBIZ, s.r.o.

                The company sells and distributes SLAVBIZ tepluodolné PTFE nonstick materials, resistance bands Kanthal, Kanthal resistance wire and conveyor belts.

              • Slavík - technické plasty s.r.o.

                Slavík - technické plasty s.r.o.

                CNC machining of plastic - prototypes, piece and serial production from small parts to large parts. Bending and welding of plastics. Sales of...

              • SPUR a.s.

                SPUR a.s.

                Manufactures specialized plastic products, piping systems, cable ducts, insulating materials of polyethylene foam, packaging materials, bubble wrap,...

              • TER Plastics Sp. z o.o

                TER Plastics Sp. z o.o

                Complete range of engineering plastics and commodities.

              • TERCOPLAST, s.r.o.

                TERCOPLAST, s.r.o.

                It provides inter Lexan plates for construction and technical modifications Lexan plates, sheets and other plastics for use in engineering, in the...

              • Zenit SK, s.r.o.

                Zenit SK, s.r.o.

                Distribution of polyvarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets. Bending and polishing  tools.

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