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  • 1. prešovská nástrojáreň, s.r.o.

    1. prešovská nástrojáreň, s.r.o.

    Production of injection molds for thermoplastics and repairs molds using 3D printing. Design and production of comfort cooling.

  • A.B.TITAN s.r.o.

    A.B.TITAN s.r.o.

    Recycling of plastics and non-ferrous metals and their mixtures.

  • ABRISO SK s.r.o.

    ABRISO SK s.r.o.

    Abriso specialises in the extrusion of PE foam, air bubble film and extruded polystyrene for the packaging and building industries.

  • AGEMA s.r.o.

    AGEMA s.r.o.

    Producer and distributor of plastic components for furniture and industry as Inserts, Plugs, Handles, Wheels, Plastic Caps...

  • AGRO RUBÍN a.s.

    AGRO RUBÍN a.s.

    Manufacture of plastic plates and foils of high impact polystyrene - PSH, PSPE 28 and ABS (acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene).

  • AK Plast s.r.o.

    AK Plast s.r.o.

    Manufactuer and supplier of semi finished plastics products for industry, advertisment and construction industry.- sheets, rods, profiles, welding...

  • AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

    AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

    Producer of plastic pools, reservoirs, roofing of the pools, boats.

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    • Array plast

      Array plast

      Plastic rods, plates, pipes, beams, profiles. Production according to specifications.

    • AUDAXUS s.r.o.

      AUDAXUS s.r.o.

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      • BB AQEX s.r.o.

        BB AQEX s.r.o.

        Wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, traps oil, grease traps, plastic atypical

      • BLECHA CZ s.r.o.

        BLECHA CZ s.r.o.

        We import accessories for suction conveyors, piping and fastening systems for central material transport.

      • DREVO SV, s.r.o.

        DREVO SV, s.r.o.

        DREVO SV, Ltd. Snina focuses on the production and sale of flexible plastic film for packaging purposes.

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        • endolumi s.r.o.

          endolumi s.r.o.

          We offer development and production profiles and tubing made of PVC, PE, PP, and TPU.

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          • Ensinger s.r.o.

            Ensinger s.r.o.

            Production and sales of engineering plastics. Plastic semi-finished products: bars, tubes and plates. Blasting and CNC machining.

          • ERA-PACK-PLUS spol. s r.o.

            ERA-PACK-PLUS spol. s r.o.

            High Quality Wrapping for Acceptable Price including Transport. Wrapping Machines with Accessories, Vertical and Horizontal, RobotsPackaging...

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            • ERIKS s.r.o.

              ERIKS s.r.o.

              Technical Indistrial Distribution – Leading European Distributor More info: a

            • ETK s.r.o. - Foam division

              ETK s.r.o. - Foam division

              Supplier of plastic foam blanks, custom manufacturing of plastics, thermoforming PE foam.

            • Extruindustrie CR s.r.o.

              Extruindustrie CR s.r.o.

              International company in extrusion processing.

            • Fatra, a.s.

              Fatra, a.s.

              Is among the major processors (PVC, PE, PP and PET). Fatra is an integral part of the plastic industry in the CR and Central Europe.

            • FLOMAK s.r.o

              FLOMAK s.r.o

              Importer and distributor of plastic devices and semi-finished plastics SIMONA

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