Elektroplast výrobné družstvo Prešov

Jarková 89, 080 01 Prešov    Show on Map

telephone:+42 151 77 23 151

NIP: 00168602
VAT: SK 2020521569

Company Description

The company ELEKTROPLAST, vd Prešov was established in 1969. The company operates at its own manufacturing, stock and administrative places of area about 3000 sq. m.
The company is manufacturer of plastic products using following technologies - blow moulding,  injection moulding, thermoforming.

Injection moulding – up to weight 8000 g and enclosure pressure 300 t., processing on new machines brand name Woojin, Mitsubishi.
Blow moulding – volume from 0, 1 l to 8 l.
Thermoforming – we are forming plastic materials up  to 1 m2 area.

Assortment / Services

Our range of products:                             

  • technical plastic components
  • voltage test lamps
  • garden items
  • toys
  • items for household


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