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  • JELÍNEK-TRADING spol.s r.o.

    JELÍNEK-TRADING spol.s r.o.

    Recycling of plastics, production of plastic regranulate, compounding of plastics, plastic products, bags, composters, piping systems, magnetic...

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  • ALROTO s.r.o.

    ALROTO s.r.o.


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    • AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

      AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

      Producer of plastic pools, reservoirs, roofing of the pools, boats.

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      • AQUAFLOT spol.s r.o.

        AQUAFLOT spol.s r.o.

        Wastewater treatment plants, sorption traps, tanks and reservoirs for the storage needs of the media in the chemical and other industrial, swimming...

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        • BB AQEX s.r.o.

          BB AQEX s.r.o.

          Sewage treatment plants, pools, oil and grease traps, plastic atypical.

        • BLECHA CZ s.r.o.

          BLECHA CZ s.r.o.

          We import accessories for suction conveyors, piping and fastening systems for central material transport.

        • CZ PLAST s.r.o.

          CZ PLAST s.r.o.

          Rotary molding plastics, comprehensive services for the supply of plastic parts produced by rotational molding technology, sewer manholes, water...

        • exaPlast s.r.o.

          exaPlast s.r.o.

          Production of components and technology units of plastic materials. Modern technological equipment, a high standard of quality and aesthetic value of...

        • FORT - PLASTY s.r.o.

          FORT - PLASTY s.r.o.

          The company manufactures airconditioning conduits made of PVC, PP, PPs, HD-PE, PE-EL, PPsEL tanks, storage reservoirs and atypical products.

        • GORILLA MACHINES s.r.o.

          GORILLA MACHINES s.r.o.

          Machines for plastics industry, conveyors, crushers, peripherals, dosing devices, separators, recycling machines, packaging technology.

        • HACO SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.

          HACO SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.

          Distribution of plastic products mainly for building and construction.

        • Jelínek Construct s.r.o.

          Jelínek Construct s.r.o.

          Supply and installation of HVAC equipment, we offer products of S&W Rohrsysteme GmbH and De Dietrich.

        • Kowa, spol. s r.o.

          Kowa, spol. s r.o.

          Plastic water treatment plants, plastic pipes, fittings, chemical pumps, pool filters and accessories, air conditioning pipes and fittings.

        • KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

          KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

          Blow molding of plastics - 2D technology of blow molds, suction piping, tanks and vessels, high-quality profiles, plastic systems, plastic components.

        • PLASTKON, s.r.o.

          PLASTKON, s.r.o.

          Manufacture and installation of ventilation equipment and components of plastics, galvanic equipment and laboratory furniture of plastics.

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          • POLIECO SLOVAKIA s. r.o

            POLIECO SLOVAKIA s. r.o

            Sewage piping systems, cable conduits, drainage pipes, manholes, special fitting and covers in composite material - KIO.

          • Simona Plast-Technik s.r.o.

            Simona Plast-Technik s.r.o.

            SIMONA offers the widest range of thermoplastic semi-finished parts worldwide.

          • SLOVARM, a.s.

            SLOVARM, a.s.

            Production of components for plastic piping system "SLOVPLAST" for internal distribution of drinking water and hot water, central and underfloor...

          • TIÚ-PLAST a.s.

            TIÚ-PLAST a.s.

            We produce PE, PP and PVC pipes for water distribution, telecommunication and building industry, multi-chamber plastic profiles and...

          • UPT, s.r.o.

            UPT, s.r.o.

            Wastewater treatment plants, grease separators, water meeter shafts, Tanks for industry, piping, Plastic ventilation, galvanic lines, Plastic tanks...

            • www.upt.sk
            • Kysucká cesta 3 (areál Sloveny), Žilina
          • VINK-Plasty s.r.o.

            VINK-Plasty s.r.o.

            The supplier of the widest range of plastic semi-products (plates, rods, pipes, piping systems and accessories) in Europe.

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            • VÚSAPL, akciová spoločnosť

              VÚSAPL, akciová spoločnosť

              VÚSAPL Nitra - production of injection moulded plastic products, production of polymer composites and LDPE foils, mould design and production,...

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