BB AQEX s.r.o.

Stavebná 22, 974 01 Banská Bystrica    Show on Map

telephone:+421 48 47 16 911

NIP: 31 576 290
VAT: SK2020452885

Predajňa Banská Bystrica    
telephone: 048 471 69 34
fax: 048 471 69 35

Company Description

Manufacture and assembly services: wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, oil and grease traps, plastic atypical EQUIPMENT AND ECOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES, PLASTICS

Range of products / Services

Production, installation, service:

sewage treatment plants
industrial wastewater treatment plants
plastic traps oil sorption
plastic grease traps
plastic swimming pools filled with amenities
accumulation of plastic tanks, cesspits
galvanic baths, atypical plastics

plastic sheets of PP, PVC, HPS
plastic pipes and fittings from the PP, RPE
(Water Distribution)
Plumbing materials
(Batteries, pipes)
sewer pipes, fittings and pressure distributions
pumping equipment, pumping stations
hoses, garden equipment
screws, plugs, sockets
flushing system of walled - Geberit
Plastic oil sorption traps - traps Sorption OIL LO (S) 1 ÷ 250

Plastic grease traps

GVP galvanic baths

Sedimentation, accumulation, retention storage reservoirs, plastic program:

  • pools
  • VZT plastic piping
  • Measuring objects 
  • Hydrodynamic shafts
  • Gas stations


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Published Articles (1)

  • Sewage water cleaner from BB Aqex Ltd.

    Sewage water cleaner from BB Aqex Ltd.

    BDC Sewage intended for mechanical and biological treatment of sewage according to STN 75 6402 or from the premises. groups of objects to the production of sewage m3.deň 1 ÷ 40, assuming a maximum concentration of waste water pollution O2.l 400 mg-1 BOD5 and considered the need for water-1.deň l.os...

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