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  • JELÍNEK-TRADING spol.s r.o.

    JELÍNEK-TRADING spol.s r.o.

    Plastic waste recycling, Compounding, Purchase and sale of primary and secondary plastics, Manufacture of LDPE bags, Manufacture of injection moulded...

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  • AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

    AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

    Producer of plastic pools, reservoirs, roofing of the pools, boats.

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    • AQUAFLOT spol.s r.o.

      AQUAFLOT spol.s r.o.

      Wastewater treatment plants, sorption traps, tanks and reservoirs for the storage needs of the media in the chemical and other industrial, swimming...

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      • Aquatec VFL s.r.o.

        Aquatec VFL s.r.o.

        Company offers a full range of wastewater treatment plants – packaged, site-assembled, container, compact plants up to 5 000 PE.

      • ArcaBox s.r.o.

        ArcaBox s.r.o.

        Plastic containers, crates and pallets, pallet containers- web store

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        • BB AQEX s.r.o.

          BB AQEX s.r.o.

          Wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, traps oil, grease traps, plastic atypical

        • Bednár Montáže,s.r.o.

          Bednár Montáže,s.r.o.

          Wastewater treatment

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          • BRISK, výrobní družstvo, Ježov u Kyjova

            BRISK, výrobní družstvo, Ježov u Kyjova

            Production of plastic packaging, production of PET bottles, plastic bottles, production of plastic containers, packaging of paper and cardboard

          • Centralplast s.r.o.

            Centralplast s.r.o.

            Construction boards Paneltim ® - lightweight, yet sturdy and solid panels used for welded structures made of plastics

          • Plast MAJO - Plastové nádrže

            Plast MAJO - Plastové nádrže

            Plastic sumps, plastic tanks, plastic meter shafts.

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            • PLASTKON, s.r.o.

              PLASTKON, s.r.o.

              Manufacture and installation of ventilation equipment and components of plastics, galvanic equipment and laboratory furniture of plastics.

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              • REMONTplast


                Production and sale - wastewater treatment plant, Cesspool, plastic tanks, collecting containers for water, water shafts, pumping shafts, industrial...

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                • Schoeller Allibert Czech Republic s.r.o.

                  Schoeller Allibert Czech Republic s.r.o.

                  Schoeller Allibert Czech Republic s.r.o. is leading the worldwide market for plastic packaging systems for materials handling.

                • TBA Plastové obaly s.r.o.

                  TBA Plastové obaly s.r.o.

                  Transportation, handling and storage packaging for the food, engineering, automotive, technical and consumer industry.

                • TITAN - Multiplast s.r.o.

                  TITAN - Multiplast s.r.o.

                  We offer wide range of plastic boards, rods, sheets, profiles and accessories including services like professional consultancy, plastic precision...

                • UPT, s.r.o.

                  UPT, s.r.o.

                  Wastewater treatment plants, grease separators, water meeter shafts, Tanks for industry, piping, Plastic ventilation, galvanic lines, Plastic tanks...

                  • Kysucká cesta 3 (areál Sloveny), Žilina
                • WTC - MACRO s.r.o.

                  WTC - MACRO s.r.o.

                  Mechanical, physical treatment of water, sludge, chemical treatment, biological treatment, air treatment and ventilation systems.

                • ZOMAplast s.r.o.

                  ZOMAplast s.r.o.

                  Production of plastic storage tanks with a capacity of up to 150 cubic meters, pickling tanks, vessels, containers, and all equipment for the...

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