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Company Description

Stepanek3D can design production technology, optimize the process, create and modify 3D models and realize the production itself within 3D printing (production by additive technologies).

With growing experience, the company has started to use other technologies and in addition to plastic string melting (FDM), we work with resin curing (DLP) and sintering of polymer and metal powders (SLS/MJF/DMLS/SLM).

The maximum number of pieces that a company can produce depends on their current capacity. It produces hundreds to thousands of pieces per month for existing clients. It has successfully implemented more than 400 3D printing projects for more than 150 companies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Stepanek3D's vision is to minimize your costs, shorten production time and innovate.

Range of products / Services

Modeling and development

• Professional 3D modeling of new parts and assemblies designed for the production of 3D printing

• Modification and optimization of existing models

• Topological optimization and generative design - lightening of parts and reduction of assemblies to smaller units

• Reverse engineering - conversion of a physical part into a digital model

• 3D scanning

Production of 3D printing

• We will help you choose the most suitable technology and material based on your requirements

• We specialize in technologies of plastic string melting, resin curing and sintering of polymer powder and metal

• A novelty is composite production - a mixture of 2 materials with unique properties, which uses the best of them

Consulting and training

• We will help you decide whether 3D printing production will be profitable for your conditions and calculate the return on investment

• We will teach you how to orient yourself and choose the most suitable technology and materials based on your needs

• We will advise you on how to optimize existing production and make the most of the use of 3D printing and additive production


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