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  • Green Plastics A.Winczakiewicz

    Green Plastics A.Winczakiewicz

    Main directions of activity: Provision of recycling facilities in Poland.

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    • Grolman s.r.o.

      Grolman s.r.o.

      Distribution of fillers, pigments, binders and additives

    • GS Caltex Czech, s.r.o.

      GS Caltex Czech, s.r.o.

      The company Caltex Czech is the first European branch of the Korean petrochemical company GS Caltex, the leader in Asia-Pacific region.

    • Inno-Comp Bohemia, s.r.o.

      Inno-Comp Bohemia, s.r.o.

      Polypropylene compounds production. Homopolymers, block-copolymer and random copolymer based products, which can be filled with talc or chalk or...

    • Kays, s.r.o.

      Kays, s.r.o.

      Manufacturer of plastic composite granules. Primary types of granules from renowned companies. Off grads, regranulates and rub

    • KORA a.s.

      KORA a.s.

      KORA SpA Trencin is a distributor and importer of a wide range of chemical and industrial products to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary....

    • LIFOCOLOR, s.r.o.

      LIFOCOLOR, s.r.o.

      LIFOCOLOR has been developing, producing, and marketing masterbatches and technical compounds for the plastics processing industry since 1993.We...

    • Maloun s.r.o.

      Maloun s.r.o.

      We are a leading Czech supplier of primary plastic granules, Regranulates and possibly cost-effective second-line granules.

    • Nexeo Solutions, EU POLYMER - zastoupení pro ČR, Slovensko a Maďarsko

      Nexeo Solutions, EU POLYMER - zastoupení pro ČR, Slovensko a Maďarsko

      NEXEO Solutions is a worldwide distributor of plastic granulates. The distribution of small quantities of plastic ensures  warehouse in Prague.

    • Pavol Staník -STAPP

      Pavol Staník -STAPP

      We sell granulat or regranulat PET, HDPE, LDPE etc...

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      • Plastcom, spol. s r.o.

        Plastcom, spol. s r.o.

        Complex services in research, production, recycling and application of engineering plastics for injection moulding (compounded polymers) including...

      • PLASTOPLAN SK, s.r.o.

        PLASTOPLAN SK, s.r.o.

        Distribution of thermoplastic granules and color concentrates kompaundy plastics.

      • Remarkplast compounding a.s.

        Remarkplast compounding a.s.

        Trading company dealing with sales of compounding and regranulating.



        Production of compounds and composites REMILEN, exclusive representation of Sysmetric - manufacturer of gravimetric dispensers for extrusion and...

      • REOPLAST spol. s.r.o.

        REOPLAST spol. s.r.o.

        Recycling, compounding, converting plastics.

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        • SunTechem s.r.o.

          SunTechem s.r.o.

          Plastics compounding, coloring of plastics, plastics with better properties.

        • TELKO OY

          TELKO OY

          TELKO is a distributor of PLASTICS with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and subsidiaries operating in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries,...

        • TER Plastics Sp. z o.o

          TER Plastics Sp. z o.o

          Complete range of engineering plastics and commodities.

        • Tradimex PPT Sp. Z o.o. Sp.k.

          Tradimex PPT Sp. Z o.o. Sp.k.

          Adapting and recycling of plastic compounds, production compounds forautomotive, electronics, PC, PC / ABS, ABS, PA6, PA6.6, PA11, PA12, PBT, ASA,...

        • UNICOL s.r.o

          UNICOL s.r.o

          Production of adjusted polymeric materials which are designed for modification of selected properties of various synthetic polymers for final...

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          • VACULA s.r.o.

            VACULA s.r.o.

            Engineering plastics for injection molding and extrusion.

          • VÚSAPL, akciová spoločnosť

            VÚSAPL, akciová spoločnosť

            Company VÚSAPL SpA focuses on plastics and machine production, research, development and design of products, production of composite materials based...

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