ZABAG, s.r.o.

Loučka 213, 756 44 Loučka u Valašského Meziříčí    Show on Map

telephone:+ 420 720 557 797

NIP: 27824071
VAT: CZ27824071

other addresses:
Sklad (areál Agrocentrum)
ZABAG, s.r.o.    Show on Map
Kouty 1413
Valašské Meziříčí 757 01

Company Description

ZABAG Company Ltd. sells new and one used bulk bags big bag.

Assortment / Services

We are able to produce new bulk bags in any version, exactly at the customer's request. We leave the bags produced by leading companies in the industry. We reach the producers not only in Slovakia, but also in Italy. China and Turkey. We do not keep the new bags in stock, but we order them according to customer instructions. The only new type of new 95x95x210cm bags with 1 000kg loading and unloading sleeve is available in stock in thousands of pieces

At present we offer one large bag used for large bags. We sort the bags according to the dimensions, remove the dirt, check the packing table and press the pallets in a certain amount. After this process we offer bags undamaged, clean, sorted according to the dimensions.


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