New HDPE material from the ML Polyolefins

New HDPE material from the ML Polyolefins

ML Polyolefins has developed a new HDPE blend to meet expectations of the growing and demanding recycling field. The regranulate manufacturer has developed a unique blend for extrusion which is characterised by high stability of technical parameters and repeatability.

Product PIPEFIN HD46 – this is the actual name of this material used in the ML portfolio and this product is introduced as another premiere in the time of celebration for 20th anniversary of the company. This time ML has developed a material dedicated to processing, where quality and specific technical requirements are extremely important: We have been working in our R&D department for a long time on new recipes to meet customer needs. Most of the popular recycling companies on the market create universal products ignoring important specifications of various production processes and materials requirements. We are aware that many manufacturers use their own technical solutions in production lines, where the final product is very similar but requires different batch recipes. Therefore we work out and develop our materials in terms of specific production lines,“ says the company president Tomasz Mikulski.

Andrzej Szepeta, production director of ML Polyolefins, explains: We have a very diversified customer portfolio because we adapt our granulates to their individual needs. That’s why we decided to rebuild our offer to make it more accessible and transparent to compatible contractors, dedicating applications for specific group of products as well as production processes. It also allow us to develop individual granulate groups. This was the case for STRAPFIN, product  from homopolymer family where from one existing application created generally for an explicit manufacturing procedure we have expanded our offer with additional properties adapted to the specifics of processing, director Szepeta describe the idea of new production line.

We have been on the market for 20 years and have come a long way when it comes to the production of plastics - says Szepeta. Today we want to take advantage of our experience in processing and composing materials that will give our clients cost-saving services as well as peace of mind on production. I know how important the repeatability of the ingredients feed is, so I can confidently say that we personally guarantee the quality of our HDPE material. We managed to maintain high impact strength, low melt flow rate and module which in result help to keep extrusion processes very efficient. We offer a new product in two colours: grey and black, he concludes.

Representatives of ML Polyolefins ensure that key technical parameters are tested on an ongoing basics during the production processes and verified in the company's laboratory. Shipments are available in big-bag’s or silos, and the waiting time for delivery is three weeks from the order.

We are aware of the importance for technical support when is coming to the implementation of new materials for production, which is why we are happy to help and our knowledgeable technologists are available to offer support with problem solving and provide with best product for an application, emphasizes Tomasz Mikulski.

The full ML Polyolefins offer with the technical parameters of PIPEFIN materials are included here.

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