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NEW at Meusburger - E 3260 Flexible ejector with guiding

  • 13.02.2015

Meusburger's range of products has been extended with the E 3260, a compact flexible ejector with integrated guiding.

This ejector enables the space-saving demoulding of undercuts without using a slide unit. Its compact, cylindrical design ensures easy and cost-effective installation on the cavity plate. The standard part has an integrated, high-quality mechanical guiding part which is actuated by a hardened cam and enables reliable demoulding of the undercut. The in-built mechanical stop in the ejection unit absorbs the injection pressure and prevents compression of the ejector. To achieve retarded demoulding the spring-loaded pin can be removed. Meusburger's E 3260 is available from stock in 8 different sizes ranging from 1.8 to 12 mm.

E 3260 Flexible ejector with guiding 

Further information: www.meusburger.com

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