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  • Moretto: Reliability and precision are essential in dosing systems

Moretto: Reliability and precision are essential in dosing systems

Moretto: Reliability and precision are essential in dosing systems

Speaking about plastic materials treatment, dosing is one of the main processes. To produce a quality product that respects the characteristics defined in the design phase is essential to implement advanced equipment.

The Moretto dosing system represents a long-term investment. In fact, it is a sturdy machine, designed and tested to make it easier for the end user, with meticulous attention to detail. Compared to other dosing systems on the market, the Moretto ones guarantee high precision level, eliminating unnecessary overdosing phenomena and reducing the production of waste.

The evolution and improving of dosing technologies is a continuous path that leads every day to new discoveries and to the constant improvement of the technologies currently used. Moretto S.p.A., a leading player in the development and production of automated systems for the plastics processing industry since 1980, has developed and perfected a wide range of solutions dedicated to any production process and technology used, aimed to face any dosing requirement especially in the field of extrusion that requires constant dosing.

The customers require solutions that ensure accurate and constant dosing, able to face any dosing situation even in case of complex recipes. A dosage that can be certified without production defects.

Moretto solutions are characterized by the stainless steel construction to guarantee a reliable solution over time and usable even in the most stringent sectors. The modularity guarantees any future extensions. Last but not least, the Moretto dosing units are easy to use and accurate, a feature that must be the main focus in every dosing system.  

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Moretto offers a wide range of dosing units starting from the volumetric dosers of the DVM series for masters and additive. Specific for micro-dosing is the Rotopulse technology, a patented Moretto system, and DPK - the compact loss-in-weight dosing unit. The transparent shockproof acrylic material hopper makes the material and the load level immediately visible.

With reference to gravimetric dosing, Moretto offers the widest range of dosing units on the market characterized by some exclusive features such as the double eyelid discharge mechanism with a reaction time of only 25 milliseconds, the digital technology and the free weighing hopper that guarantees the highest precision.

The range includes also the loss in weight solutions branded Contrex - a company part of the Moretto group with more than 40 years of experience in the development and production of gravimetric dosing solutions, automatic cooling rings with thickness reading and control, centralized analysis and supervision systems with OPC-UA communication protocols for blown film extrusion processes.

Moretto sells more than 2200 units per year with over 320 models offering solutions for every need and achieving positive feedback by customers.

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