Peterplast Slovakia, s.r.o.

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telephone:+421 57 768 2472

NIP: 47451998
VAT: SK2023878604

Company Description

Production of polyethylene film products and fólií.Vyrábame sliding, neklzné, modified, ionized, perforated, printed and other films, but also the products of HDPE and LDPE film, PP film (bags, carrier bags, etc.)


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

FILMS - Plain, NEKLZNÉ, MODIFIED, ionized, perforated, printed AND OTHER


HDPE Film - Film, hoses, 2 * Film polohadica, hoses with bookmarks ....

LDPE Film - Film, hoses, 2 * Film polohadica, hoses bookmarks .....

Special LDPE film serving as a container for sanitary napkins - called. hygiene programs
Special teplomzmrštiteľné LDPE films having greater clarity and strength

LDPE - black - white film (or any combination of colors)

PA / PE - vacuum foil, food foil (2008)
STRETCH HOOD cold-shrinkable film. These are films that replaces the traditional modified films that are energy-intensive processing.
PP / PE - foil suitable nand packaging. They should form some kind of compensation for the PP films.


Our company has built a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000



HD bags packed:
Covers: different types and sizes, with printing, without printing ...
Bags of loose granulate:
We offer a variety of color and dimension and design.
Rolo bags:
LD, HD bags with welded side-firing:
LD, HD pocket surface area to weld to the bottom of the bag:
PP bags:
On request we can deliver the PP film, ie the classic high-gloss cellophane


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