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How the company Som-Plast Kft. and Som-Szer have become leading suppliers of automotive parts

How the company Som-Plast Kft. and Som-Szer have become leading suppliers of automotive parts

Despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, Hungarian firms Som-Szer and Som-Plast Kft. continue to invest in new projects, utilizing their 25 years of experience in plastic and metal manufacturing and machining.

Tool manufacturer Som-Szer and plastic moulding company Som-Plast Kft. were founded in 2009, when the two firms were separated from each other to start the operation with different business profiles. Som-Szer Kft., based in Kaposvár, makes tools for plastic injection moulding, die casting, plastic bottle blowing, cold plastic forming and cutting, generating an annual revenue of USD 3.5 to 5.1 million, while Som-Plast Kft. makes USD 13.8-24.1 million a year. The firms together employ 250-300 people.


Over the past few years, the companies have made multiple investments: collaborative industrial robots were installed, and a workers’ hostel was built to accommodate 46 workers. The newly built measurement lab at the Som-Szer site in Kecskemét complies with automotive industry standards.

The acquisition of new machinery is equally important for the company: a 60-1300-ton injection moulding machine, an industrial crane track, a profile grinder machine, a rotational casting machine, and multiple CNC machines were purchased recently. A new management system was also introduced.

To reach the highest technical level, efficiency, and quality, Som-Szer and Som-Plast plans to buy more machinery in the future and keep with the trends of Industry 4.0. The production processes are being digitalized, and newest technologies like additive manufacturing are used by the firms.

Back to business

The two companies have been admittedly struggling due to the pandemic. Disturbance in part supply and customer demand, and the rising costs of raw materials cause difficulties, but the companies strike back by starting new projects as direct suppliers to leading OEMs like Daimler, Jaguar, Porsche, Audi, BMW and Škoda. Som-Szer and Som-Plast are proud to make parts for all the German premium brands – the visible part of the rear diffuser on the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS (992), and multiple parts of the new Mercedes-AMG SL-Class, BMW 7 Series and M4 are made by the Hungarian manufacturers. The most exceptional products are the various ducts and vents that lead air to the radiators.

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