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FRIMIC has a new OEM-Relations Manager

FIMIC, a leading manufacturer and specialized supplier of automatic self-cleaning melt filtration technologies, has recently welcomed an exceptional addition to its team: Eng. Michael Heitzinger. With a career spanning almost two decades, Mr. Heitzinger brings a wealth of experience and a passion to transform the plastics industry by creating a blueprint for sustainable change.

Motivated by his unwavering commitment to the circular economy, Mr. Michael is prepared to start a journey of purpose and impact with FIMIC, building up an indelible mark in the field of plastics recycling.

Eng. Michael Heitzinger brings his ability to connect across borders from his international experience, as FIMIC’s new OEM-Relations Manager, Mr. Michael will build strategic and operational cooperation with key players in the plastics recycling industry. Mr. Heitzinger will maintain and expand FIMIC’s global network, connections, and relationships that will drive collaborative solutions that transcend geographical boundaries to implement successful projects.

Mr. Heitzinger joins a cross-functional team in continuous growth. “FIMIC’s aim has always been to build strong unique principles and values that contribute to sustained prosperity and a positive impact on our team and customers. Principles and values that go beyond a simple work ethic, are fundamental beliefs and standards that guide the actions to build a positive culture for our team members where we can thrive and have meaningful relationships with our customers” says Erica Canaia, FIMIC CEO.

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