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Europe could see 300 more recycling plants by 2025

  • 02.10.2015

German-based consultancy ecoprog has claimed that the demand for plastic recycling plants in Europe will increase significantly by 2025, with capacity set to rise by a quarter.

The market study, ‘The European Market for Plastic Sorting and Recycling’, predicted recycling plants with an estimated capacity of 5.2 million tonnes would be commissioned during the next decade, while the number of plants would increase by about 300.

The report said the 1,200 active plastic sorting and recycling plants in Europe were not enough for projected capacity, with the European Union (EU) Waste Framework, which requires member states to re-use or recycle at least 50% of certain household wastes, including paper, metal, plastic and glass, by 2020 cited as a key factor in driving plastics recycling.

However, almost no EU member state has yet reached this goal and a number, including the UK, are thought to be at risk of missing the target.

"Within the waste management sector, recycling will thus be the most important growth markets in the next years" said Marcel Siebertz, consultant at Ecoprog and lead author of the study.

The report noted that several European countries still incinerate much of their waste. Switzerland only recovers 10% of plastic waste, with the rest being incinerated.

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