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DESMA sets new standards for the future of elastomer injection molding

DESMA sets new standards for the future of elastomer injection molding

The K trade fair in Düsseldorf from 19-26.10.2022 was a very good platform for DESMA to address new customers and to maintain and further expand the contact with existing customers. In many conversations in a very pleasant lounge atmosphere at the booth, it was possible to get comprehensive information about industry trends and current new developments.

It was very pleasing that the average length of stay of the visitors was over two hours. This clearly showed that many decision makers took enough time with their specialists to talk about the current challenges and to show common solutions. Quantitatively in comparison to the previous fairs fewer specialized visitors could be welcomed, but qualitatively the DESMA team was very content. It should not be forgotten that the industry is currently in difficult waters and some visitor groups from various countries could not be present.

About 30% of our visitors were first-time contacts. This is what K stands for and what distinguishes this trade show from all other trade shows. Over 60% of the visitors were international and came from over 40 different nations.

The highlights was definitely the new DESMA 969.300 SEALMASTER+, which offers a maximum of productivity and variability due to many new developments. More than 20 strong arguments for this machine could be demonstrated live.

DESMA - injection moulding machines  

And of course, the PCF Navigator Ecos (Product Carbon Footprint) developed by DESMA: With this program, the complete molding process in the injection molding machine, up to the upstream or downstream processes, can be mapped and clear options for action can be shown on how to achieve the most CO² optimized article production possible. Of course, the actual production of the injection molding machine is also fully considered in the calculation.

DESMA - injection moulding machines  

The DESMA PCF-Navigator Ecos determines the carbon footprint during machine production up to the end product and shows options for action. 


Of great interest were also the many new developments around the megatrends and the resulting concrete products and applications.

The newly developed special machines for large-format seal production cover the entire field of alternative energy generation and the necessary infrastructure.

The DESMA ROTARY COMPACT machine was introduced as a new basis for highly automated molded part production, combining the advantages of previous rotary solutions in an extremely compact machine design, thus offering significantly higher productivity and flexibility on a substantially reduced footprint.

 DESMA - injection moulding machines  
 DESMA ROTARY COMPACT: The perfect basis for highly efficient process automation. 

With one of the transmissions of a virtual machine acceptance it could be impressively shown how sustainable and efficient a virtual machine acceptance can be carried out at DESMA. Supplemented by the digital and interactive plant tours, a virtual machine acceptance can additionally be rounded off and by the way a lot of CO² emission is saved.

DESMA would like to further deepen all these topics and asks already now to make a note of the OpenHouse 2023 from October 11 - 12 in Fridingen.

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