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    Center for Applied Research of environmentally friendly polymeric materials STU in Nitra

  • DATALAN Quality Instruments s.r.o.

    DATALAN Quality Instruments s.r.o.

    Custom production using 3D printing of various plastic materials, consulting, CAD services, development of prototypes.

  • DESMA Slovakia, s.r.o.

    DESMA Slovakia, s.r.o.

    DESMA offers injection moulding machines, periphery, moulds and automation systems, Cold Runners, Service.

  • EBG plastics CZ s.r.o.

    EBG plastics CZ s.r.o.

    Production of plastic parts.

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    • Ensinger s.r.o.

      Ensinger s.r.o.

      Production and sales of engineering plastics. Plastic semi-finished products: bars, tubes and plates. Blasting and CNC machining.

    • Exelect s.r.o.

      Exelect s.r.o.

      Personnel agency

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      • FLOMAK s.r.o

        FLOMAK s.r.o

        Importer and distributor of plastic devices and semi-finished plastics SIMONA

      • Formy Tachov s.r.o.

        Formy Tachov s.r.o.

        Plastic injection tools. Development, design, manufacture, sale, repair and service of plastic injection tools up to 20 tonnes for the automotive...

      • HrTech s.r.o.

        HrTech s.r.o.

        PreciGrip system, a system that will reduce the time for the final removal system debugging. Learn more at

      • Innomia a.s.

        Innomia a.s.

        Rapid Prototyping, production of metal prototypes (3D metal printing). We manufacture plastic prototypes on a 3D printer. Conforming cooling of...



        Professional services in the area of quality and safety of products, certification of products and management systems, technical standardization.

      • IPA Slovakia, s.r.o.

        IPA Slovakia, s.r.o.

        Consultancy in the field of industrial engineering and innovation. Training and staff development.

      • ISPE, s.r.o.

        ISPE, s.r.o.

        ISPE, s.r.o. is an engineering company. Manufacture of injection molds for thermoplastics and their maintenance, repair and modification of molds.

      • JAN SVOBODA s.r.o.

        JAN SVOBODA s.r.o.

        Complet deliveries of semifinshed products and componets for injection moulds for plastics.

      • LONTECH - surface treatment, s.r.o.

        LONTECH - surface treatment, s.r.o.

        The main activity of the company LONTECH is solving problems with static electricity in all areas of industry.

      • MCAE Systems, s.r.o.

        MCAE Systems, s.r.o.

        3D digital technology, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, 3-D digitization and measurement, CAD / CAM software.



        Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Hot Plate Welding Machine, Spin Welding Machine, Vibration Welding Machine, Hot Air Welding Machine, IR Welding Machine,...

      • MEDIA COELI ®

        MEDIA COELI ®

        Subsidies: the development and implementation

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        • myCEPPI


          myCEPPI provides a weekly price report for commodity plastics.

        • NATUR-PACK, a.s.

          NATUR-PACK, a.s.

          Implementation of mandatory limits the collection, recovery or recycling of packaging required for people - producers, importers, packers and fillers...

        • Nehlsen-CZ, s.r.o.

          Nehlsen-CZ, s.r.o.

          Services in the field of waste management and secondary raw materials.

        • ORCCA INDUSTRY s. r. o.

          ORCCA INDUSTRY s. r. o.

          Assembly, Disassembly,instalations,lift and move service for standard and oversizes.

          • Bystřice pod Lopeníkem 377, Bystřice pod Lopeníkem
        • PEARTEC s.r.o.

          PEARTEC s.r.o.

          Development and design of plastic parts for automotive and mold, tool.

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