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Complex solutions of extrusion systems with CPM Extrusion Group

Complex solutions of extrusion systems with CPM Extrusion Group

The CPM Extrusion Group is affiliated to CPM, which has many subsidiaries around the world, including companies that provide the world's leading process equipment and systems. The three companies of CPM Extrusion Group in Europe, America and Asia have provided an installed base of more than 5,000 extrusion systems to our customers worldwide.

CPM Extricom Extrusion in Germany can develop and manufacture co-rotating twin-screw and multiple screw (RingExtruder RE) extrusion systems, produce and sell various spare parts. Century Extrusion is located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. It has decades of experience in developing high-precision twin-screw extrusion systems and high-performance process components. Nanjing Ruiya is one of the leading manufacturers of twin-screw extruders in China, with a complete range of products and a wide range of applications, as well as a compounding system and technical support. All our three companies have complete production, assembly, technical service and innovation labs, and they work together to achieve technology innovation and serving customers around the world.

CPM Extrusion Group GmbH 

CPM Extrusion Group Products and Services

The Extruder Division of CPM Group produces 12-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders for plastics recycling, assembles a complete set of equipment from bottle cleaning, crushing, feeding to extruder granulation and feeding to SSP. At the same time, it provides complete production line design and planning, as well as installation and commissioning, training and process instructions.

Many leading companies in the global PET recycling industry are using the solutions and advanced technology of CPM Extrusion Group. Our solution has many advantages, a low energy consumption, high output, small footprint, excellent devolatilization performance and high reliability of operation are the most valued by our customers.

CPM Extrusion Group Equipment Advantages

  • Bottle flakes do not need to be pre-dried
  • Minimal viscosity drop
  • Low energy consumption, only 0.14 kW/kg, including a complete extrusion line and pelletizing and crystallization
  • High devolatilization performance, excellent decontamination ability
  • Lower dwell time, so that the color change is controlled to a minimum
  • High output: 4.2 tons/hour from bottle to bottle, up to 6 tons/hour for glycolisation process
  • US FDA and EU EFSA certification
  • Stable and reliable quality of the rPET pellets
  • Provide turnkey projects
CPM Extricom Extrusion GmbH 

The Innovation Center of Extricom Extrusion in Germany has different types of extruders available to run trials under various conditions according to the various process requirements of customers, provide customers with detailed and reliable technical support for their purchase decisions.

The CPM Extrusion Group regularly holds online technical webinars to discuss technology and experience with customers and industry stakeholders to contribute to the recycling and environmental protection industry. For details, please refer to our website below. CPM Extrusion Group continues to increase its research and development efforts to maintain the leading level of technology and contribute to PET recycling.

Are you looking for a partner with rich experience, reliable technology, and always putting quality and customers first? Contact CPM Extrusion Group!

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