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Color compounds for the production of crayons from GRAFE

Color compounds for the production of crayons from GRAFE

The history of crayons can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt where, using a mixture of beeswax and natural color pigments, the ancient Egyptians painted pictures on stone and papyrus. Crayons today are popular for coloring pictures and doing artwork. Two important reasons for this are the good coverage and the brilliant colors they produce on paper. This year at the Fakuma, the GRAFE Group is presenting specially developed color compounds for the production of crayons through injection molding.

Traditional crayons are often brittle and break easily or achieve only patchy coverage. The new color compounds from the GRAFE Group make it possible to produce injection-molded crayons, which wear down less quickly, achieve a more even coverage and are especially resistant to breakage. The new development has also led to a low-distortion crystallization of the materials, so that even large geometries can be injection-molded without any stress cracks. In addition, the crayons guarantee smudge-free coloring for keeping little and big hands clean.

„Because little children often put crayons in their mouths we have taken special care during the development of the wax compounds, to ensure that all pigments and other ingredients are harmless“, explains Dr. Jan Stadermann, leader of the project. „Approvals in accordance with toy standard DIN EN 71-3 are therefore in principle possible.“ Our color range consists at the moment of six main and six additional colors. Further colors may be added upon customer request.


The product portfolio at GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH includes a wide range of functional plastics compounds in addition to color and additive masterbatches. One of the largest research and development departments in the industry is at work on the latest technologies equipping plastics with intelligent functions. The company was founded in 1991 and unites three business divisions in today’s GRAFE Group: Color Batch, Additive Batch und Polymer Technology. Over 300 employees develop and manufacture products for the domestic and international market in the state of the art facility in Blankenhain (Thuringia) in the heart of Germany. The group is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO TS 16949:2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001/2008. For more information see: www.grafe.com

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