Clamping system H 1000

  • 24.04.2014

The clamping system H 1000 by Meusburger is a innovative development by the company.

The H 1000 allows you to work fast and effectively as well as with precision on all repeats. The standard mould parts are aligned and clamped where it is important for the mould, i.e. in the guide bores.

Take advantage of the many benefits of the H 1000!

  • Improve the quality of your moulds by precise clamping in the µ range for all repeats
  • Reduce your processing time by substantially reducing fitting time
  • Minimise the risk of collision by using expansion rings for clamping
  • The new size allows the clamping of all plates up to size 796 996
  • Also available in round version, perfectly adapted to your machine table
Meusburger upínací systém

Of course we also machine the H 1000 clamp system according to customer specifications as well as clamping cubes for horizontal machining.

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  • Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

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