Price list

Price list

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Company presentation


Full profile:
• Company Logo 
• Company profile, offer  in Slovak and English version 
• Contacts, hyperlink to own website 
• Classification into categories with no limit
• Possibility to insert keywords (Slovak, English)
• Photogalery
• Login for administration of your company profile all over the year. 
• Publishing of PR articles on free of charge
• Publishing of company events on PlasticPortal homepage (workshops, exhibitions, ...)

Price: 260 € / year

Top position
Top position in all categories in which the company is listed
Price: 730  € / year

Banner advertisement

Banner advertisement is fast and very efficient way how to attract PlasticPortal users. It is best to promote brand name or new product.

• 1000 x 90 px                               500 € / month 

• 530 x 90 px                                 250 € / month     

• 200 x 200 px                               250 € / month      
• 250 x 188 px                               250 € / month 

• 250 x 334 px                               250 € / month 

• 200 x 150 px                               250 € / month 
• 200 x 267 px                               250 € / month 

Banner creation                            60 €

Add  in Newsletter

Newsletter is send to registered users of It is non-violent and very efficient form of advertisement.

• Text advert  (hyperlinked)
Price: 60 €


Classified advertising
Classified advertising for sale, purchase, collaboration and the labor market.
Possibility to insert advertising and photo and attachments.
Price: 2 free ads on trial, and the possibility of unlimited advertising for 79  / year.


Your commercial information send by e-mail to selected group of PlasticPortal users (approx. 5 800 address) so it reaches target group
• E-Mail editing, group selection under your request
Price: 230 €


PR articles

Introduce your new products, technologies and services in PR article with pictures and hyperlinks.  
Archived on PlasticPortal
Price: 80 €


Expand to new markets

Within international networking we are cooperating with Professional Plastic Portal in Poland and in Hungary. If you are interested to enter this markets, please contact us. We can help you to address your offer to your new customers - in their native language and on place where they surly find you. 

For more info feel free to contact us.

All prices are without VAT. Prices are valid from 01.10.2014


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