KNP, s.r.o.

Mladoboleslavská 73/22, 197 00 Praha 9-Kbely    Show on Map

telephone:+420 286 006 916

NIP: 27097951

  • Ing. Petra Dvořáková, (centrála Praha), +420 286 006 916
  • Ing. Štefan Horňák, (zastoupení Slovensko), +421 566 435 724,

Company Description

Supplier of standard parts for the manufacture of dies, injection molds and dies for die casting. We are a supplier of laser devices and applications for marking and description, welding, laser welding and cutting.


ISO 9001

Assortment / Services


Press tools - a complete guide stands, ground sheets, guide poles / pegs /, guidebushings, punches, dies, springs, foil etc.Forms - forms a complete frame, not drilled and drilled ground plates, guide posts, guide bushes, ejectors, CG parts etc. Production of non-standard sizes to customer demand.

Range of gas springs and wedge units

Tunnel inlet inserts


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