VKV HORÁK s.r.o.

Vídeňská 142, 619 00 Brno    Show on Map

telephone:+420 543 421 770

NIP: 26918641
VAT: CZ26918641

Company Description

VKV HORÁK s.r.o. is a pure Czech company which specializes in construction, development in the mechanical engineering section, tool-making industry and metal tooling.

It especially offers design, the production of prototypes, mechanical components or instrumentation setups and the production of tools, devices, forming forms and injection forms for the serial production.


Concerning the performance in the engineering section, the main focus of the company is to offer to the customer a modern 3D-based design and construction, the development and production of a prototype and the construction of tools including their production. Therefore, the company uses the newest and most modern computing technology, software and technology.

The company carries out its activities in a new and modern background and production area what contributes to ensure the quality and to elevate the efficiency of production.


ISO 9001

Assortment / Services

The construction section works with modern computer equipment and the newest versions of the program SolidWorks. This way, 3D-modelling, preparation for technical documentation and the technical preparation for the production of own plans or taken from documentation given by the customer are ensured.


The production is carried out in modern newly build objects with modern equipment, provided by competent staff and equipped by a production control which fulfills the demands of ISO 9001. The production is mainly based on the new CNC machine-tools.

The modern CNC machine-tool centers, the machine-tool work performed by competent workers together with the paint shop and the assembly permit the production of single-purpose machines, tools, components of instrumentation, exact machine components, forms and instrumentation setups or machinery.



The production is based on the new 5-axis DMU 60 monoBLOCK centre, DMU 50 and the 3-axis DMG V 64 linear that fulfill the strictest demands and that are completed by machine-tools equipped by digital admeasurements. We produce carbon electrodes for electroerosive machining – sinking on CNC milling machine HWT of the company AZK. The professional qualification, EdgeCAM, the most modern equipment and the experiences of our staff guarantee the efficiency and precision in production.


Turning works are realized by new and modern machines as the CNC turning machine powered by the Lynx 220 M (Daewoo Dosan) and the mechanotronic turning machine ALPHA 1350 XS (Colchester Harisson) which are completed by the classical turning machines SUI 32 and SM 16.

Electroerosive machining

The new electroerosive sink AD 3L linear of the Japanese company Sodick guarantees the efficiency and precision while forming holes into injection forms. We provide open hole drilling using the electroerosive drilling machine SY-2030.

Injection of plastic material

ENGEL Victory 330/120 Injection Molding Machine is used to test our injection molds and to commercially manufacture plastic parts up to 120g. We use the injection moulding machine BABYPLAST to produce small parts of plastic material till the weight of 12 gram (about 12 cm3). The advantage is its simplicity and the low price of forms what makes it possible to produce parts in very small amounts.

We specialize in precise paintwork of components for instrumentation, parts of a small size. There is no problem to paint a single piece or small numbers, too.

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