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  • Azurr - Technology, s.r.o.

    Azurr - Technology, s.r.o.

    Company Azurro - Technology, Ltd. - took over the activities of the Company Dynisco. Sale of measuring and regulating equipment, laboratory...

  • BESEL, s.r.o.

    BESEL, s.r.o.

    Machinery and equipment for the plastics industry, sales, consulting, installation, warranty and customer service.

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    • BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o.

      BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o.

      Recycling plants for plastic processing, recycling machines, grinders, production and refurbishment of machinery for processing plastics and rubber.

    • Comprex, s.r.o.

      Comprex, s.r.o.

      Distribution of industrial components and steel blasting material for engineering, metallurgy, plastics and automotive industries. Representation of...

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      • DRÄGER CZ s.r.o.

        DRÄGER CZ s.r.o.

        Machines for plastics processing. Blow molding machines, extrusion lines, regranulation extrusion lines, thermoforming machines, recycling lines,...

      • s.r.o. s.r.o. company engaged in the manufacture and sale of measuring and control technology, focusing on industrial heat processes.



         HASCO - ideal partner for making molds and tools normalien and hot sprues.Put together your ideas, form and shape!  

      • HITZE s.r.o.

        HITZE s.r.o.

        Heaters, sensors and temperature controlers for plastic industry.

      • Hotset ČR s.r.o.

        Hotset ČR s.r.o.

        Industrial heating - retailer of electrical heating elements and high infrared thermometers and cameras Optris and IR lens.

      • Hotset SK s.r.o.

        Hotset SK s.r.o.

        Industrial heating - retailer of electrical heating elements and high infrared thermometers Optris and IR lens.

      • HRSflow


        HRSflow, a division of hot runner INglass Spa, produces hot runner systems for plastic injection.

      • INVERA s. r. o.

        INVERA s. r. o.

        Czech manufacturer of machines for plastics and rubber and hydraulic presses.

      • IWZ Industriebedarf Wilhelm Zastera GmbH

        IWZ Industriebedarf Wilhelm Zastera GmbH

        Automation equipment, peripheral equipment for injection molding machines, storage stations, sampling devices, conveyors, granulator dryers,...

      • JAN SVOBODA s.r.o.

        JAN SVOBODA s.r.o.

        Complet deliveries of semifinshed products and componets for injection moulds for plastics.

      • KNP, s.r.o.

        KNP, s.r.o.

        Supplier of standard parts for the manufacture of dies, injection molds and dies for die casting. Supplier of laser devices and applications.

      • KOVOROB, s.r.o.

        KOVOROB, s.r.o.

        Manufacturing of injection molds for thermoplastics and dies for blow molded bottles. Normally, the forms and staple instrument of FCPK Bytów.

      • PCE Instruments

        PCE Instruments

        Manufacturer and global supplier of precision measuring instruments.

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        • PLASTICS MACHINES s.r.o.

          PLASTICS MACHINES s.r.o.

          Sale of pre-owned injection moulding machines as well as other technologies used in the plastics industry.

        • SELEX INDUSTRIAL, s.r.o.

          SELEX INDUSTRIAL, s.r.o.

          Tranding company deals with service, consulting and sale machines for plastic processing with injection moulding technology.

        • TOOL-TEMP CZ s.r.o.

          TOOL-TEMP CZ s.r.o.

          TOOL-TEMP GB is a subsidiary of Swiss company TOOL-TEMP AG and also the exclusive importer of tempering and cooling equipment TOOL-TEMP to the CR.

        • TOPMACHINES CZ s.r.o.

          TOPMACHINES CZ s.r.o.

          New and used injection moulding machines, handling, extruders, schredders, grinders, dehumidifiers, splasticizing units,chillers...

        • Vstřikovací systémy pro plast s.r.o.

          Vstřikovací systémy pro plast s.r.o.

          Offer advice, sales, installation, training and service injection molding machines - Selex, LS machines, Yudo, SIMATEC.

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