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  • ADROMA s.r.o.

    ADROMA s.r.o.

    E-shop for: Tarpaulins, Raschel Bags, PP Azure bags, polypropylene bags, Gloves

  • AGEMA s.r.o.

    AGEMA s.r.o.

    Producer and distributor of plastic components for furniture and industry as Inserts, Plugs, Handles, Wheels, Plastic Caps...

  • AGRO CS a.s.

    AGRO CS a.s.

    Sale of PE valve bags for granulate

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    • AGRO RUBÍN a.s.

      AGRO RUBÍN a.s.

      Manufacture of plastic plates and foils of high impact polystyrene - PSH, PSPE 28 and ABS (acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene).

    • AK Plast s.r.o.

      AK Plast s.r.o.

      Manufactuer and supplier of semi finished plastics products for industry, advertisment and construction industry.- sheets, rods, profiles, welding...

    • ALBACENTRUM, s.r.o.

      ALBACENTRUM, s.r.o.

      Recycling of plastic waste for its further use. Sale of plastic crushed - PP polypropylene, PE polyethylene

      • Štefánikova trieda 144, Nitra-Staré Mesto
    • ALBIS PLASTIC CR s.r.o.

      ALBIS PLASTIC CR s.r.o.

      ALBIS represents the entire spectrum of thermoplastic resins from a wide distribution program from renowned international manufacturers to its own...

    • ALFA CHROM servis s.r.o.

      ALFA CHROM servis s.r.o.

      ALFA CHROM servis s.r.o. offers servicing, repairs and maintenance of injection molds and rollers.

    • Alrek, s.r.o.

      Alrek, s.r.o.

      Outsourcing the collection of waste - a comprehensive solution in the collection, separation, recovery and disposal of plastic waste technology.

    • ALROTO s.r.o.

      ALROTO s.r.o.


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      • AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

        AMM Otáhal, s.r.o.

        Producer of plastic pools, reservoirs, roofing of the pools, boats.

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        • Anamet s.r.o.

          Anamet s.r.o.

          Instrumentation for laboratories, research facilities and for on-site measurements.

        • ant, s.r.o.

          ant, s.r.o.

          We supply the professional tools necessary for welding plastics.

        • Anton Paar Czech Republic s.r.o.

          Anton Paar Czech Republic s.r.o.

          High-precision process and laboratory equipment for research and industry. Worldwide subcontractor gentle mechanical and sheet metal parts and...

        • APplastic, s.r.o.

          APplastic, s.r.o.

          Technology for plastic processing equipment including peripheral

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          • Aqua SK s. r. o.

            Aqua SK s. r. o.

            The supplier of a complete range of 100% compostable materials

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            • AQUAFLOT spol.s r.o.

              AQUAFLOT spol.s r.o.

              Wastewater treatment plants, sorption traps, tanks and reservoirs for the storage needs of the media in the chemical and other industrial, swimming...

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              • Aquatec VFL s.r.o.

                Aquatec VFL s.r.o.

                Company offers a full range of wastewater treatment plants – packaged, site-assembled, container, compact plants up to 5 000 PE.

              • ARBURG spol. s r.o.

                ARBURG spol. s r.o.

                Sales and service injection moulding machines for plastics. Consultancy.

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