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  • ARBURG spol. s r.o.

    ARBURG spol. s r.o.

    Sales and service injection moulding machines for plastics. Consultancy.

  • AXOL, s.r.o.

    AXOL, s.r.o.

    Industrial Lubricants

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    • Azurr - Technology, s.r.o.

      Azurr - Technology, s.r.o.

      Company Azurro - Technology, Ltd. - took over the activities of the Company Dynisco. Sale of measuring and regulating equipment, laboratory...

    • BESEL, s.r.o.

      BESEL, s.r.o.

      Machinery and equipment for the plastics industry, sales, consulting, installation, warranty and customer service.

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      • BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o.

        BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o.

        Recycling plants for plastic processing, recycling machines, grinders, production and refurbishment of machinery for processing plastics and rubber.

      • Caspro s.r.o.

        Caspro s.r.o.

        Machinery and equipment for plastic processing, extruders, injection moulding machines, down-stream and peripherals. In our assortment, you can find...

      • CHEMAT spol. s r.o

        CHEMAT spol. s r.o

        Conveyers, plastic processing technologies mainly for EPS, automatization, plant construction

      • CHODOS CHODOV s.r.o.

        CHODOS CHODOV s.r.o.

        Manufactures machines and equipment for processing of rubber and plastic for the rubber and plastics industry - presses, extruders, vending machines,...

      • DATRIA s.r.o.

        DATRIA s.r.o.

        Technology for plastics and rubber industry.

      • EBG plastics CZ s.r.o.

        EBG plastics CZ s.r.o.

        Production of plastic parts.

      • ERI TRADE s.r.o.

        ERI TRADE s.r.o.

        Your specialist for new and used shredders, milling equipment, spare parts and accessories for your needs.

      • ESOS Ostrava, s.r.o.

        ESOS Ostrava, s.r.o.

        Failure-free operation for machinery and devices in various branches of activity. Total reliability of machinery and devices.

      • European Industrial Supply Company s.r.o.

        European Industrial Supply Company s.r.o.

        Supply of Jon Wai injection moulding machines, Wetec robots, Arico hot runner controllers, Zeiger screws and barrels for injection molding machines...

      • FRIMO Group GmbH

        FRIMO Group GmbH

        FRIMO is a leading global partner for the plastics processing industry.

      • GF Machining Solutions s.r.o.

        GF Machining Solutions s.r.o.

        International company engaged in the sale of machines suitable for making molds and tools, production of precision parts, we provide solutions for...

      • GP Plastics s.r.o.

        GP Plastics s.r.o.

        Technology for the production and processing of film materials.

      • HAHN Automation, s.r.o.

        HAHN Automation, s.r.o.

        TCUs, chillers, linear robots, sprue pickers, automation solution - All from one hand!

      • HRSflow


        HRSflow, a division of hot runner INglass Spa, produces hot runner systems for plastic injection.

      • HrTech s.r.o.

        HrTech s.r.o.

        PreciGrip system, a system that will reduce the time for the final removal system debugging. Learn more at

      • Hydraflex Slovakia, s.r.o.

        Hydraflex Slovakia, s.r.o.

        Hydraflex Slovakia, s.r.o. sells hydraulic components, pneumatic and other accessories.

      • Ing. Viktória Bláhová

        Ing. Viktória Bláhová

        Engineering production

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        • IVAR Slovensko, s.r.o.

          IVAR Slovensko, s.r.o.

          Sale of melt pressure sensors and melt flow indexer

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          • JSW Machine s.r.o.

            JSW Machine s.r.o.

            JSW Machine Company Ltd., the official distributor and service center for Japanese, fully electric injection molding machines JSW in the Czech...

          • KNP, s.r.o.

            KNP, s.r.o.

            Supplier of standard parts for the manufacture of dies, injection molds and dies for die casting. Supplier of laser devices and applications.

          • Kracík s.r.o.

            Kracík s.r.o.

            Full service of hydraulic, pneumatic and control machinery and systems. Modernization of injection molding. Moving of machines and equipment.

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